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~ 16/06/16

KaM© designs for ENOCAN™fitness.

KaM© designs for ENOCAN™fitness.

KaM© 'All Over Manhattan' design.

KaM© ‘All Over Manhattan’ design.

It’s so nice to get a second opportunity to introduce yet another passion of mine ‘Fashion Sportswear’ for women; which is one of the fastest growing retail items I’ve ever seen!
Never since stretch paints in the 70’s and ‘Biker Shorts’ in the 1980’s have I seen such a beautiful display of leg wear worn by women of all shapes & sizes.
Even if they don’t actually workout in these garments they are a perfect compliment to any oversized tee shirt or a boyfriend’s dress shirt freshly pressed.

The designs are available through my Society6 web page [link located to the left of home page.] or you can contact me direct via email
to place an order personally.

Autor: KaM©

~ 18/10/15

We have closed down our online store only to reinvent ourselves as a leader in wearable ‘art’ that is very sexy and eye catching. The rest is up to your imagination as to how your going to pair up my leggings with your favorite sweater or leather jacket to keep it retro 80’s if your craving for that sort of street smart swagger. All you have to do is visit my link [Society6] to the left of the front page and get yourself an exclusive product designed by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

Autor: KaM©

~ 29/03/15


Yesterday I got the opportunity to put on some fresh clothing furnished by BACHRACH inside the Quakerbridge mall. Then I was to be Interviewed by Jacque Howard creator of TRENTON365 and radio personality for WIMG a community based station that focuses on local community activity.

In the Interview I told Mr.Howard that fashion was my first creative interest and I enjoy wearing great clothes every now & then. It really depends on the affair I’m attending.

I felt the Interview went well although I always feel that I am stumbling over my words or get tangled up in my thought process and forget what information I’m trying to deliver whenever I’m Interviewed by somebody.

Interview Link:

Autor: KaM©

~ 10/01/12

Artist Leon Rainbow working in Wynwood Arts District 2011.

Wynwood Walls @ Goldman properties Inc. 2011

Fashion & Art show under the tents in Wynwood Arts District 2011.

Part II of my floridian adventure should be called “The two Amigos” and as you read on, you’ll find out why. They’ll be photos in this report for frame of reference but not as much as I would like to display here.

In photo one you see artist Leon Rainbow at work on just one of many legal wall spaces that the proprietor grants to painters in the Wynwood Arts/industrial district to enhance the outside of the building and draw attention, where inside you could have anywhere from a small screen print operation going on all the way up to high end lighting galleries.
Trying to keep up with Leon and his extended Graff family proved to be far to much action than I could record so most days I chilled in the hotel until evening. But when I did go out we encountered some great art exhibitions and performances that were quite memorable, especially this little coffee shop that had rotating Djs rocking some heavy dance music that we kept visiting because of all the activity that swarmed around it day and night. The most exciting indirect thing that occurred was that; because of someone’s driving skills in a town that neither one of us was that familiar with we managed to see the whole neighborhood which I really felt like I could live there and be productive again as an artist.

Time will tell if I can make this dream come true and, if time doesn’t reveal what I had in mind, I’m sure something will pop up in the near future or I can just prepare myself for next year with more knowledge than I had before about a place that I have been exploring for several years now and it always seems to satisfy my sole the minute I arrive. Viva La WAD!

Shout out to 2ESAE for the warm vibe and introducing me to Jeff I will never forget it! Thanks

Flyer for "Breaking & Entering" exhibition.

Autor: KaM©

~ 29/08/10

Its true, African Americans have long admired Asian culture and its traditions along with its post war contemporary restructuring. The introduction of martial arts in the 1970’s to western society sparked the interest of African Americans across the nation and Karate was practiced (although secretly) in the basements of homes and public housing developments everywhere. This form of self-defense was felt needed due to the discrimination that African American males experienced while being outside at night and questioned by police at random.
The second influence came from television broadcasts of films such as “Godzilla vs King Kong” and with episodic television series portraying families that transformed into super robotic heroes like “Jonny Socko” and “Giant Robot” along with “Ultraman” and the Science Patrol exploration team ultimatly expressed transcendence and adventure.
The third influence was Saturday morning cartoons which had the most impact on the youth (myself being one of them) which used martial arts fighting in a lot of popular shows namely “Hong Kong Phooey” utilizing Scatman Crothers an African American actors voice as the main character.
These programs were all transformative and inspirational to the African American community in many ways and now Asian youth culture is finding relativity in the Hip Hop culture of African Americans because of similar experiences with living in a traditional oppressive society. I personally feel a deep spiritual connection with Asian culture because of its form of discipline it has and its respect of form and function in its traditional sense but that is rapidly transforming into a new hybrid of modern society expressed through music and the visual arts.

Autor: KaM©

~ 29/01/10

Problems big or small we got you covered.

On January 31st 2010 the Red Balloon Studio will celebrate is eight year of serving the artistic community  online.The store is  filled with unique designs for women children and guys that carry a positive message and eye popping graffics not sold in any retail outlet.

To celebrate this momentous occation we are offering a 20% discount on all hoodies for a limited time only.When ordering use promotional code:HOODS4U to receive your discount.
About Red Balloon Studio;

The Red Balloon Studio was founded by neo-pop artist Karey Maurice Counts in 2001. The name was inspired by the children’s book & film “The Red Balloon” written and directed by Albert Lamorisse. It is a film about a young boy in Paris who befriends a very large red balloon.

Online store or just simply click the link to the left.


Autor: KaM©

~ 24/08/09


Autor: KaM©

~ 17/05/09

This is Princeton’s new accessory to the usual campus style that dominates the streets but, thats all changing due to a infusion of hip and artsy business owners. One store in particular is Niko Niko that seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to street style and global culture that is becoming more noticeable thanks to the internet where information is exchanged in hyper real time.

The same owners of this play imaginative clothing boutique have a mother store called “Morning Glory” where they sell the greatest toys and accessories for the child in everyone and y

He hits below the belt.

He hits below the belt.

ou can now purchase my custom designed toy/sculptures at “Niko Niko”.

Autor: KaM©

~ 24/01/09

Downtown fashion made it uptown chic.
Downtown fashion was uptown chic. Shopping Bag circa. 1982

This store has been long gone and replaced by Bloomingdales unfortunatly. Back in the day we use to get all of our clothes there and some accessories to complete the personal look that you wanted. There was a large veriety of different styles that you could mix and match anything from millitary gear to second had clothes. I use to buy blank Items to paint on and sell when hand painting clothes was hot.

Autor: admin

~ 05/04/08

I had a thought that this year would be a transitional year for me and I guessed correctly that I would soon return to the New York scene that I thought was long gone. It really is long gone, but what is old soon becomes new again, but with different people or those who survived.

I received this flyer from an artist that I recently met at this years Art Expo and I was surprised to see a name on the invite that I am very familiar with. I haven’t attended a Herbert Fox event in over a decade and I am glad he is still doing his thing by providing people like me the opportunity to hang out in a plush environment and network with like minded folks in the fashion & art business.

This event just happens to be on the same night as the group show that I have been included in being held at APW gallery(see last post) on the lower east side of New York this month.I’m going to go to this event after my opening and celebrate the fact that I haven’t shown my physical works of art in New York in over fifteen years.
-RedSaid a.k.a.KaMo

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