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~ 26/01/06

I got this from New York magazine back in 1979.But didn’t get there until 1983.I remember having a fantastic time hanging out there with my brother one night.The song I remember that was hot then was “Let the music play”by Shannon.I also remember how nice the ladies were dressed and I think I danced with two women at the same time.This was the place that Barry Manilow sang about and made famous. RedSaid

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~ 21/01/06

This club was one of the hottest clubs in Philadelphia and there were only a few like it. The music is what was the best about this particular club and you could only hear this type of music in four clubs I know of on the East Coast: Paradise Garage NYC, Club Zanzibar Newark NJ, O’dells Baltimore MD. And of course, Black Banana Philadelphia.I do believe all the sound systems in these clubs were designed by the same person Richard Long who was a master of sound technology for the nightclub industry. RedSaid

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~ 19/01/06

Where it all happens.

This is the northwest corner of my studio office located in Trenton N.J. just walking distance from the world famous “Trenton Makes The World Takes” bridge and as a matter of fact you can see the top of the bridge from my rooftop.If you notice I have quite a collection of posters and autographed memorabillia from some famous artist.

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Does anyone remember when this card was like having your own
V.I.P. membership to the hot parties?

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~ 17/01/06

What up peeps? I hope you all had a pleasant, long MLK Jr. weekend. Where were you during the 70s, 80s, and 90s??? I might have bumped into you on the dance floor or on the roof. Was anybody at Paradise Garage? Any Shelter fanatics out there?? Calling all House heads…come in… If not on the NYC scene then where? Tokyo, Rio, Paris, London, Saigon, where did you party til the break a dawn? In the next few weeks I’ll be posting some flyers from back in the day to maybe jog a few memories. Until then, commence to share your thoughts and flashbacks of the dance revolution that rocked the world when clubs were born.

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~ 13/01/06

I would like to welcome you all to my line of communication.
What I would like to discuss is where were you when important events took place in our society
starting with the 1960’s until the present time.What we are looking for is content concerning the
social party scenes you were associated with for example;Where were you in 1973 when bell bottoms were hot?How did you look and what clubs did you hangout in?Hit us back and give me some skin or five. RedSaid