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~ 25/03/06

How many of you have traveled the street of Manhattan’s west village to find the boutigue’s that had the real club passes that worked at the door?There was some places everyone knew about after a while Tower Records lobby,Dome,Antique Boutique,Antique Warehouse where you could pick up some questionable cards but, you better be sure you had some cash to cover your back just in case you got a bad one.
There were stores that had the fashion to go with the club and, the club passes for the customer so you really got the treatment at the door because the doorman knew by the clothes you wore where the invitation was from, it was a cool way to control the croud. RedSaid

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~ 15/03/06

This flyer is now in the collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History it’s a priceless artifact in the sense that it has a Keith Haring drawing on the front. Notice the stains on it they’re original and probably from a great night out most likely.
I remember going to this club and being very excited because they would change the interior every month. You felt like it was a different club every time you went there on a monthly basis. A lot of times Interview magazine would have a advertisement telling you about the latest installation at the club gosh if you missed a month going there you felt bad because you missed the boat.
“Does anyone remember the swing that was placed in the middle of the dance floor?” Or how about the Backhoe tractor with a mound of dirt on the dance floor? [corny & took up way too much room if you ask me.]
If you missed that, did you catch Andy Warhol’s Invisable sculpture in the display window’s which lined the entrance hallway like walking down Fifth Avenue going shopping?
How about the lounge area that seemed like a whole different place altogether with koi fish pond or something (water 4sure) with cozy couches all around?
What about that little tunnel that took you to the other side of the dance floor,”wasn’t that clever?” Some nights it would so tight in there you almost couldn’t get by the people doing coke and making out & stuff.
I remember I was staying in New York at a hotel with friends from my job (busboy) at the Parfait House in Jersey. This particular weekend I planned to take them to AREA to have a good time dancing. When we got there the doorman immediately dropped the rope for some reason and we didn’t even have to pay anything!
I remember the cashier stopped me and asked “Do you have a friday reduced admission pass yet?” I told her no and she handed me one that I still have in one of my scrapbooks.
When we got inside my friends asked me how did I do that and I replied “I don’t know but this isn’t the first time this has happened to me when going out in New York.”

I guess it’s because I had a similar look to Jean-Michel Basquiat back then. I totally mimicked his style after seeing him in Washington Square Park several times. We never really spoke to one another he had his favorite side of the square and I had mine. But I watched him chilling on that bike or hanging in the hippy or punk section of Washington Square.
That was the Saturday night before Andy Warhol passed away the next morning (Feb.22 1987) we found out through a street magician down in the village while he was chaining my best friend Reggie up for his magic trick. I couldn’t wait to get home to New Jersey to tell my all friends about this disco when it was happening. All the artists who were popular at the time chilled out there. RedSaid

Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring