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~ 24/05/06

I can’t say that I hung out here a lot but “this isn’t about me now is it?”
I just want to fill every ones head with memories of the most important artistic movement of our times so far to date.
I just read “The DOWNTOWN BOOK The New York Art Scene 1974-1984” and it covered a lot of ground as far as the tempo of the New York Downtown area and I enjoyed reading about something that I myself was a part of and experienced.
That is why I am making this information available to the public after reading the book. If you were not lucky enough to catch it at the Grey Art Gallery at the Fales Library Collection on campus at NYU you will surely enjoy this blog page.

I think the book could have been much larger if it would have covered what was going on on the dance floor of these nightclubs.
The 2D artists fashion designers the commercial artists the musical artists performance artists and the conceptual artists gathered together at this time and experience a real metamorphosis very rapidly in a short period of time.
There was a certain division or protocol at each venue but,depending on the club you went to there was a certain kind of way that you danced and even that had its transitions.
Some places were looking for a special look or attitude that they wanted to maintain and I heard the “WORLD” was notorious for FACE. RedSaid
This photo was taken of Dj Jayne County at the opening of the exhibition the Downtown Book is all about.

Held at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh this spring,it is the second stop of the show before it moves on to another venue. I was fortunate enough to be in the house that night and hangout with my friends ‘the Warhola family’ and meet one of the icons from the era that this blog page is all about mainly. I realize after viewing the exhibition that I have more of a personal collection of 80’s ephemra than the Fales Library possibly or anyone for that matter.Stay Tuned

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~ 16/05/06

“I gotta step it up and move into the next decade for those of you who weren’t there in the ‘eighties’ and give you something for the next generation of memories which is the 1990’s.
I want to give props to a man who made hanging out in New York City post 1980’s just as fun with a touch of class I might add.
Mr.Herbert Fox is the Man!
I had so much fun at his parties weather it was at TATOU or CLUB USA or out on a yacht docked in the harbor!
I was always excited when his invitations would come in the mail. At TATOU on 151 E. Fiftieth Street upstairs in the V.I.P you didn’t know who you were going to meet and the hors d’oeuvres were always nice.

I remember meeting the actor/artist Geoffry Holder one night while I was there. We were singing and holding hands around the table while sipping champagne with that deep laugh,”Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa” breaking through the singing once in a while by Mr.Holder. RedSaid

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~ 14/05/06

Keith Haring artwork ©Estate of Keith Haring / Bipo & Deana 1987

I use to have alot of fun chillin out with Bipo and anyone who we could get to pose for the camera.
When you look at this store with people in it you get the feeling of being in someones brain complete with all the thoughts imaginable about enjoying life to its maximum!
I remember hanging out and the phone would ring Bipo would stop charming the customers to answer. When it was Keith calling from the studio,he would ask who was there at the Pop Shop and Bipo would say”its just me and Karey” and;Keith would say”good send him over to the studio with this order for my guest.”
I use to get so excited because Bipo would tell me who the stuff was for before I headed out the door on my way to the studio.
Some of the studio guest that I remember dropping in on were:Pee Wee Herman,Jean Paul Gaultier,Erin Cosby and George Michael although I was not permitted to enter the studio on that day or when Paul Rubens was in the house.RedSaid

Bipo with unknown girl smoking indoors

Keith Haring artwork ©Estate of Keith Haring

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“I got this poster from the Pop Shop for a small price,I wonder how much its worth these days?
When I was hanging out back then I didn’t think collecting this type of stuff would mean anything but, as I look at it today,it means more and more each day.When people visit my studio they always comment on the collection of posters I have especially this one inparticular.
“I just gave a lecture last week about my career and wareabouts in New York during the 1980’s and I recalled being mistaken for Jean-Michel on many occasions.This one time I remember when a friend and I wanted to catch Madonna perform at the Peppermint Lounge on Fifth Avenue.It was 1981 and she was going to sing her new hit dance record “Everybody” which had just come out.
“We arrived at the club alittle late, and when I asked was Madonna here the doorman said to me that I had just missed her by five minutes but,”you can still come in if you want.So he let us in and we didn’t have to pay.I always wondered about that but, “I guess it was mistaken identity.RedSaid
Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork©Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat 1988

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~ 12/05/06

“I have great fond memories about this nightclub,It was so comfortable to hang out in and I loved the design of the whole place especially the dance floor really being underground.It was below street level and you could watch people dance from the main floor or go up one more level to the cage and watch, or be watched from below by everyone.
Just to give you a little history lesson about this location,”did you know that right above the nightclub was Andy Warhol’s second to last factory address before moving for the last time?
“That was just one of the reasons why I hung out there,I thought I might have the opportunity to possibly run into him because I had heard that he popped in every once in awhile.I use to ask the doorman half joking,”Is Andy here?and, he would always tell me that Andy just left.The doorman at that time was party impresario Baird Jones who handed out the free admission passes even back then. RedSaid

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~ 09/05/06

“Since I have been receiving a some response to this blog page especially the Haring “Memoirs” in particular I have decided to post more information to keep those interested and entertained.

I have just recently contacted the Keith Haring Foundation in order to get their permission and blessings to publish the items I have been posting on this website/blog. Happily I would like to let you know that they have granted my wishes.
I now will freely post most of the memorabillia that I have including some personal memories to go alone with it.
I would like to thank Annelise Ream for her permission to post my keepsakes and the Foundation for their support.Thanks -RedSaid

Now with the story about this great invitation that I got straight from the Pop Shop counter right after they were dropped off from the studio by someone.
I was hanging out with Bipo as usual just chillin keeping him company watching the customers come and go when these arrived.I knew about the party because Keith told me about it one day at the studio and the cool thing about this invite is that it was done on both sides by Keith including the layout & text.
I will show that at a later time and talk more about the party so stay tuned for that because when you read about the entertainment on this bill your gonna wish you were there but, I will do my best to fill you in on what I experienced that night. -RedSaid
Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring

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~ 02/05/06

“One night I brought a friend up with me to Keith’s studio for two reasons, one of the reasons was that nobody believed me when I said I knew him in my hometown of Trenton N.j nor did anyone really care, they thought I was living some kind of fantasy trying be become an artist.The second reason was that I wanted him to sign my album cover for me because he was signing everything for everyone else, he was cool like that.
When we arrived at the door I hit the buzzer and Keith answers surprisingly,it wasn’t Adolfo this time who usually said,” studio.I told Keith it was me and he buzzed us into the painted foyer to wait for the elevator.When we got to the floor my friend was more excited than I was and I had to calm him or Keith wouldn’t let us in. I knew I had limits although he never stated it to my face.
“When he answered the door we were let in and I introduced my friend to Keith which didn’t object to my guest.He was covered in paint and had about five medium to large paintings spred around the studio working on all of them at the same time.
We hung out with him and watched him paint until I said something stupid to him when his back was turned while working one of the paintings.I was trying to impress my friend now that he knew I was telling the truth,”I said, “hey Keith why don’t you do this or Keith why don’t you do that.Well he turned around to me and said,”Why don’t you go home and do your own shit and don’t worry about what I’m doing! I was shocked and felt real small but, I knew I was out of line trying to tell one of the most famous artist of our time what to paint.We didn’t stay too much longer after that for obvious reasons but Keith still gave my friend and I some tee shirts before we left and he also signed my N.Y.C Peech Boys album cover one of his first experiments with computer art. RedSaid

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“I was just looking on the website in the forum section and was very happy to see the interest in Keith Haring right now.I don’t call myself an expert by any means about the complex life of any person I may have encountered but, I am glad to share my information with the public just as long as it is respected by all who enjoy reading and seeing what I have to contribute to the memory of a great friend who happened to be Keith. RedSaid
This painting was created for Keith by Me as a gift to him for being a mentor to me.I remember him wanting to trade paintings with me and at first I thought he was joking and,judging by Keiths expression he was offended by my lack of seriousness and said to me,”I had to give Andy four of my paintings to get one,”I’m willing to trade you one on one so that should tell you something! I still blew the deal later because I had already made the mistake of leaving the painting he wanted at a friends studio in Philadelphia,how smart was that but I don’t really care about the value of his work now I care about the lessons he tried to teach me in a short period of time.
Now that I’m reflecting on the past I realize that I value time more than ever because Keith’s time was much shorter than mine and he knew it but,he still took the time to deal with Me and he didn’t really have the time at that point in his life.Thanks, Keith Haring