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~ 11/11/06

Way back in the 90’s I decided to take trip to California for a change of scenery.I based this whole adventure around a mountain bike and a silly Idea I had about a person that interested me.
I started out my vacation at Big Bear,CA in an A-frame two story cabin on Snow Summit in June all by myself.Then I moved on down to North Hollywood to chill with some friends for a week before I headed up to Malibu Canyon,and from there,I rolled down the coast for a day trip to Laguna Hills.
One day while I was staying in North Hollywood I was having lunch at Jonny Rockets on Melrose Av and someone came up to me,and handed me this flyer along with some cassette tape.It was one of many invitations I would receive during my visit to the “Left Coast” that summer but,anyway,I decided to check this one out just to say that I went to PRINCE’S nightclub in LA for bragging rights.
I got in my rent-a-car and headed downtown finally after going through wardrobeosis for a hour only to find out that it was a Hip Hop party and I had on Disco clothes.To make things worse I wasn’t use to waiting in line for too long before going into a nightclub,all of a sudden shots rang out and everybody hit the ground or stooped down covering their heads,I was the only one standing because I didn’t want to mess up my clothes.I was determined to see the inside of this GLAM SLAM and I’ll be damned if I didn’t stay and see what was up. RedSaid