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~ 02/12/06

I love Miami Florida and I know I’m not the only one who would make such a statement.I can’t really say that its the nightlife that attracts me because when I am down there I don’t really go on a mission to find a hot spot,I have a few places that I enjoy going out to and I hope they are still there when I make my next visit.
Now,about this V.I.P ticket.I wonder how many of you know about this world famous ballroom that exsisted in the days of the “Brat Pack”where you could see a star like Dean Martin sing or Sammy Davis Jr. chillin out.It has now been renovated into Jimmy’s delicatessen a very large restaurant that serves great portions of food for the money.The last time I was there I was stranded in the place during hurricane Katrina that’s how I know its not a nightclub anymore, but the year before it became an eatery I had the displeasure of being run out of there by bad service and a bunch of gay men who didn’t like the fact that I was ruining there party because I was straight and looking for some women to join me in the V.I.P upstairs.I had no idea that it wasn’t the famous ballroom it once was,all I knew was that the club did appear in the movie “Scarface” staring Al Poccino and I wanted to at least check it out because it was famous before my time. RedSaid

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I found this flyer on the dance floor of the SHELTER nightclub while attending a “Body&Soul”function a few years back.I never got a chance to go to this party but what intersected me was that it was sponcered by RockStar games.I think this was the first video game company sponcered party I ever heard of.The only Loft I ever went to was David Mancusso’s place on Third Street between Ave B & Ave C in Alphabet City.This was the place where you learned how to dance and if you didn’t know how to dance then you were out of your league at this club because it was attended by people who were only interested in the music and how they could interpret the sound through movements.I don’t know where you would find a place like that now.It seem as though the music played in the clubs now is geared towards people who can’t dance and just want to be seen holding a cocktail in their hands.RedSaid