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~ 25/03/07

Pop Art at Princeton: Permanent and Promised
March 24 – August 12, 2007

This exhibition celebrates the promised gift of an important collection of sculptures, paintings, drawings, and prints, featuring later works by leading figures of the American Pop Art movement: Robert Indiana, Alex Katz, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, and others. Also included are works from the museum’s distinguished permanent collection, provided a broad historical overview of Pop art, particularly as it has been practiced the artists represented in this gift, not only in the 1960s, but throughout their careers. The exhibition has been organized to coincide with the publication of Pop Art: Contemporary Perspectives, the first in a new series of Princeton University Art Museum Monographs, in –depth explorations of the museum’s rich collections. The authors, all of whom have recently received their Ph.D. or are current doctoral candidates in the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University, are well positioned to deliver new perspectives on Pop, since they belong to a generation that looks back on both the period and its later revision by early scholars.

“I was lucky to have some connections that I could rely on to get my hands on an invitation to the opening night of this great exhibition which was last saturday evening. It turns out that I didn’t really need one but, its always good to have your act together.I wasn’t going to let anything ruen the oppertunity to introduce myself to the elite patrons and historians of the Princeton Art Museum and to see some of the art that I have never seen by some of the great pop artist of our time.
I thought that I would be a unique guest and stand out from the croud but, I had no Idea that I would be the only African American male at this opening who wasn’t working security.It took all of one glass of wine to get use to the fact that I was probably in the greatest position of my career and that I needed to at one point introduce myself to someone and strike up a conversation.
The exhibition was awesome in the fact that it contained art that I had never seen in reproductive publications about each artist represented in the show.I did see some of the Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen sculptural studies of the blueberry pie al a mode at the Paula Cooper gallery last year but, there was an interesting collaberation piece done by Andy warhol with Gerard Malanga that was rare.I saw a lot of Tom Wesselmann’s that I had not seen before and the Robert Indiana little number sculptures were something I would have loved to own, I just could imagine having them placed sparsly around a living room lounge or out on a patio under glass.
There were some very nice people whom I enjoyed talking with, and I felt right at home being in their company.I must return to the show before it leaves and take another look at the Rauschenberg’s that they have on display, I didn’t have enough time to check them out. RedSaid

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~ 22/03/07

I think that MySpace™is a great way to connect with people, I wish I would have thought of it.The reason why I say this is because I have just recently touched base with an original band member from Parliament/Funkadelic about the autographed poster I have hanging in my office.
I was looking through my list of friends and found Black Byrd Mcknight’s page, a name that was signed on my poster back in 1989 when the P-Funk Allstars came to City Gardens in Trenton,New Jersey. So I decided to contact Mr. McKnight and ask him if he was the guy who singed my poster?Well,after sending him this photograph of the poster he confirmed that,yes,it was his signature right below the equally famous Bernie Worrell, who’s signature I aquired ten years later when Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors performed right downstairs from my studio at the Conduit Night Club, also in Trenton, Nj which is now sitting dormant.
What is really amazing about this poster is that it has a drawing of Sir Nose Devoid of Funk done by Overton Loyd, the guy who illustrated all of the Dr.Funkenstein saga’s from the beginning.I wonder ‘Now who’s the biggist Funk-a-Fan of all time?’ if it isn’t me.I know that Parliament/Funkadelic is the greatest band in the World. RedSaid

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~ 11/03/07

I just returned from delivering my work for the next exhibition which will take place in beautiful Millville, New Jersey on March 16th, 2007.It was a long drive along the blue routes of my garden state, passing one farm to the next.When I finally got there I realized that there is a lot going on in this small but, artsy little town. The work that I will be exhibiting in this show is from my ‘New Breed Series’ which was inspired by a trip to Rio De Janeiro in 1991.Most of them are large works that contain a multicultural theme and one painting(Sax Man) was featured on the cover of ‘Out in Jesrey’ february/March issue with a story inside about the day I met my friend, the late Keith Haring. I mention this often because during the time that I created these paintings, I was dealing with the fact that he was gone, and,my style changed for the better. I really began to focus on my own creative interest in art, not just copying the artist that I admired. Since that time, I have evolved into the diverse artist that I am today, although most still might call me a Pop artist because of the subject matter I paint and the colors that I work with.
That’s O.K. because I was mentored by one of the best. RedSaid

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~ 04/03/07

I have just completed my third video project in collaboration with STORYTV™ last week and we are getting some action.It was originally intended for a contest that PAPERMAG™magazine was sponcering to find some fresh new discovery in the world of self-exploitation.
I have been working with poetry in a small indirect way for my performances at S.O.B’s and so I decided to enter this contest for some national exposure, and to try my luck at working with digital sound since I don’t say anything during my shows,its all visual.I’m not one of those artist who crave attention but I do realize that I have to put some effort towards gaining some exposure for my work and to create branding for myself.
The film turned out better than I expected and has a very hypnotic effect with a positive message for anyone who takes the time to view it.I tested it out on a close friend who visited me in the studio last night and, he said that his whole perspective has changed towards himself and the world we live in as a whole.Needless to say,I didn’t realize the power of this film and how needed the message is until I heard what my friend had to say about it last night, he kept going on and on about it, and, he even tried to memorize the poem so he could remember it instantly.
So,If I have aroused your curiosity about this film please, by all means, check it out,you will be glad you did especially if you don’t feel your worth your weight in gold.This film will change all that, just give it a try. RedSaid

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