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~ 22/04/07

Artwork Jean-Michel Basquiat ‘Red Warrior’ ©1988 the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
I seledcted this invitation from the year 1989 to illustrate my own history and relavance to the ArtStars of the past decade to talk about today.It really is weird to have lived in the shadows of some of the most talked about artist of the twentieth century and still have my own work unrecognized by the art world at large. It’s partly because I’m so busy making art that I find myself happy with my own accomplishments within my own parameters of experimentation in the studio,always challenging the theories I develope from previous creations. I find that I don’t have time to promote the work for some reason or other and I’m glad that I at least belong to a gallery.This way I can exhibit some things from time to time to illustrate what I am currently working on, or,show some work that hasn’t seen the light of day since I created it.
This invitation is relavent in the sense that it is one of the last times that I encountered Keith Haring in public.We walked around the show together and viewed the art.I remember two destinct things about this day that I will never forget and one of them was that out of all the people that were there,who I had seen around before at Vrej’s gallery at an Basquiat exhibition or, at Tony’s gallary for a Haring show, only a few of them acknowledged Keith’s presence for fear of contracting AIDs,because it was real obvious at this point that he was suffering.I thought that was really sad because justa few years before that people were jocking him everywhere he went.
The second thing I remember is that while we walked around the gallery looking at the paintings Keith kept repeating how great he thought Jean-Michel’s work was and he was asking me if some of the paintings were prints or originals because he couldn’t see very well due to his illness.I just told him that I wasn’t sure because I felt very honored to be hanging with him and I didn’t want to make him feel worse than I had imagined if I had the same problem as he did at the moment.
Another thing that is interesting about this time is that, in my relationship to Basquiat I noticed some parallels that someone might find interesting.The first thing is that there is only a three year difference between our ages,both of us born in the early sixties, and, I also share a scar down the center of my belly due to a childhood accident.I also was interested in meeting Andy Warhol for some career advice but Jean beat me to it.I have since made up ground by staying alive and, I am now aquainted with the Warhola’s through my art historian friend Dr. Debra Miller and the most strangest things would happen to me in New York during the late eighties because I too had dreadlocks and some people did mistake me for Jean-Michel just before his death.
I do feel proud at least, that I have survived those crazy daze and that I have the honor and responceability to carry on a legacy that didn’t start with me, and it certainly won’t end with me but, I will do my best to push the boundries that the artist who came just a few years before me have done. Redsaid

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~ 08/04/07

I don’t know how I got this invitation because it has been too long of a time for me to remember,but, what I do remember about this time in New York City was that there were some
interesting new people on the scene that had lofts in the west village and below Canal St.Who I could only guess benefitted from the keen eye on the real art of the 1980’s,”mine not included,but thats not what I’m reflecting on here.What I want put in this entry is the fact that there is a history that I have collected and I wanted to see if anyone was interested in checking it out.
While I was at this event I did run into Ouattara Watts along with his wife and some people who I have seen around Soho at other gallery openings.
This was a time shortly before the Chelsea Movement happened and I kind of always miss the quaintness of the tight concentration of bistro/boutique/gallery scene Soho represented.I do find the warehouse party scene kind of nice because you can become part of the show if you wear the right clothes.They have plenty of space for you to move around until you find your spot.
After that, you can watch them,watch you,while you are really watching it! RedSaid

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~ 02/04/07

Now it would be to long of an entry if I expain how I met the author/photographer Jon Naar,who,Is I’m proud to say, my friend.He is from an era long before my exsistence and is a living Icon,who happens to live just a short walk from the studio.
We meet every saturday morning at Cafe Ole,Trenton,Nj for his salon de Naar where a small group of artists and intellectual people gather under his cloak of success!
The subject of this book is something that I quite naturally gravitate towards because it is documentation of my generation, when making your mark in life was done first by developing a signature.Then from there you took it to the streets to try it out on the public,just like a fashion designer sends his best creation,on his best model,down the runway last.
There are lots of publications out there now that go into explaining the Hip Hop and Graffiti movement but this is the guy who gave it a presence and an awareness before the music that, supports it now does today.Without Jon’s documentation(photographs) and Norman Mailer’s words in their co-authored book “The Faith of Graffiti” there would have been no reason for Sidney Janis to collect the artwork of the artist who produced it.
Whats really amazing is that Jon Naar has one of the most famous pictures of Andy Warhol in the world along with other notable celebrities, and I find this all quite wonderful to know such a great important person,and,I have my own history thats very related, being told in the most interestingly indirect way.I often feel like a ghost in my own present exsistence and I hope that I don’t have to die in order to be of the living.That would really suck!!RedSaid