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~ 29/07/07

On my way home from the studio in Trenton, I pass by the old City Gardens on the bus and look over at the building and just remember all the good times I had hanging out there.This flyer was created by me to promote a brand new dance night that I was asked to help out with and get approved by the owner”Tut”before anything happened.
The first couple of parties turned out to be a great success and for the first time City Gardens had a real multicultural dance scene. Up til then you had some diversity at the concerts and somewhat on the traditional Thursday night 90ยข dance but most people who hung out there were suburban white kids who were really on the cutting edge as far as multiculturalism was concerned.
This place is really where I learned how to deal with my own insecurities in public and open up just enough to make friends and enjoy myself for who I was and not care about what I didn’t materialy posess.It gave me a chance to develope a persona outside of my true self so I could except almost any situation regardless of how I honestly felt about it.
I brought everything I knew to this place that I learned hanging out in New York City in the nightclubs and created a place for myself that didn’t cost me a lot of money to enjoy.
I really called City Gardens home, and, I wish I could buy the place and create something for the kids that is different than what is being commercially marketed for people to except rather than enjoy.Going out to clubs use to be like building a big fort in your back yard and inviting all your cool friends to chill out and have a good time. RedSaid

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~ 17/07/07

Now I don’t know how many of you out there have expierenced this slammin event,But, I’m here to testify to the “New Funk Show”that happens every third wednesday of the month. This is not a new event to the New York Nightlife,This production has been running for four years and thats a long time for themed events in Club Land.It is an experience that takes you to somewhere’s else or another place in time. You have your choice of dinning on delicious food or chilling out with your favorite cocktail while you are mezmorized by my “Visual Mind Poetry” and soothed into a trance by the awesome new talent performing on stage.If that don’t get you, Eric Roberson & The Collective Band will shock you like a faulty vibrator with their improvisational riffs that fill the gap between acts.

I have a new high tech way of doing my visuals (DVD) so I am able to present to you some of my three word poems layered over some of my very own photographs that make a nice back drop for the evening and offen times can be quite funny by complete accident.

Come On Down, RedSaid