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~ 27/01/08

How many of you are aware of the strange and exciting phenomena of designer toys that has swept the country and the world for that matter. I had heard about this custom toy thing some time ago but I didn’t realize until my trip to Kidrobot┬« Fantastic Toys for everyone. in Miami Beach, which I’ve mentioned in one or two of the last entries on this page.

‘On January 17 2008 I went to a toy release event at the location in New York City to purchase an Item called a “Dunny” for my new obsession of collecting and on occations, designing my own do it yourself creations that I hope become just as popular as the one created by one of the codesigners of the affomentioned form ‘the dunny’ by Tristan Eaton which is pictured at the instore signing and looking at an early design of his brought to him by a lucky customer.

I say lucky because I waited on line for two hours in the snow and rain just to see what the deal was and to get my hands on one of his limited edition toys and almost left there empty handed. I couldn’t believe the excitement created by these Items that are being created by almost anyone who has the desire to make something and to call it their own. I guess it makes plenty of sense because of this corporate take over of all our lives. I think at one point people still want something unique in there lives and don’t really want the cookiecutter image that is being pumped into our subconscience minds by the Status Quo Perfecto.

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~ 13/01/08

photo credits:┬ęKarey Maurice for Red Balloon Studio 2007
‘I ma just going not to say too much about these photos because I want people to enjoy them without spoiling the rest of the winter for everybody. I heard that we are expecting some extreme winter weather over the next couple of days here in the northeast. I bet most of us would like to be in great weather looking at beautiful art everywhere you look, Now thats what I call living.
I didn’t take many photos while I was down in Miami but what I did capture was pretty good as far as documentation goes. These are the photos that I said I would post in the last couple of entries but I finally got around to doing it. Enjoy!! RedSaid