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~ 17/02/08

“On February 9th of 2008, I went to the most interesting public events I’ld been to in a while, probably since Live 8 in Philadelphia three years ago. This wasn’t a new place that this event was gonig to be held, it was one that I was very familiar with on the most laid back level, it was home away from home when I wanted to go out in New York for about a decade. I’ve posted a past entry about this club somewhere way back in the archives of the blog and I was surprised to see that the formula hasn’t changed at all. The place was as huge as I remembered and every floor is a different party all together. The reason I was here this time was to witness something that I knew would transend me to a pain free exsistance for a moment.

“It was this monster wrestling match that I only have some crazy recollection of knowing about in my subconscious but,The real story is that while I was standing in line that cold winter day in New York during the Tristan Eaton signing Custom Vinyl Collectables I was given this flyer along with some cool stickers. The person who gave it to me assured me that it was going to be a show not to miss because he was the Mc for the event.

Webster Hall is the kind of place where you can take anyone for a real New York night out if your looking for the big city circus kind of feeling.

As a result of my daring escapade I captured the experience on my digital camera and turned it into my second mini movie, something that I started making just becuse it is easier to do than making paintings right now.
Stay tuned, RedSaid

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~ 10/02/08

Greetings,This post is to inform you of this spectacular exhibition focusing on the world of designer custom toys and the art that is produced on three dimentional figures that are sold in do it yourself kits(DIY) that retail at a store in Soho, NY among other retailers across the country.

It is a new medium for an artist like myself to be a part of and, I envite you to see this very promising exhibition that will include some 3D works but not limited to just that medium alone.

There may be a total of one hundred artist with very diverse backgrounds everything from graphic illustration to, graffitti to, fine art and sculpture and also, some strange model makers or toy designers is what I should say.For more information contact Focal Point Gallery director Ron Turner about the exhibition and mark your calendar for this ground breaking exhibition.

This movement of artist who create these works of art, and,who will be on display at this exhibition that I just recently got involved with reminds me of that ground breaking show “The Times Square Show” in 1980 that launched the careers of the most collectable artist of this century. I was a nap too late to be a part of that exhibition back then but when I found out about this exhibition, I knew couldn’t let this one go by without me putting some work in it.

I truly hope you can attend and see this great new scene that is sweeping the nation. These artist that are making this “Low Jack Pop” are creating positive things with the earths mortal enemy, “Plastic.
RedSaid a.k.a KaMo