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~ 23/03/08

” We all know that plastic is the mortal ememy of the earth that we live on if we don’t do some thing about it real soon. I remember when there was some talk about recycling lots of things back in the seventies and some how I thought that things were being taken care of by the powers that behold all the power to do something about it.

I’m not going to make this a political platform to run for any kind of office or anything like that no matter how tempting that may be in this day and age. I want to talk about this amazing world that I have just recently gotten involved with, and, as a result of a few experiments, have created some interesting art. I am simply hooked on this new medium which is derived mostly by the very same element that is an “oil base extract” that we all have come to love one way or the other. This just happens to be the world of custom vinyl toys APW GALLERY and I can’t get enough of working on these DIY’s (Do It Yourself) as they are called by the industry.

Just the name of them gets me because they remind me of the famous series that Andy Warhol did with some of his family members working with him making color by numbers paintings with the same title “Do It Yourself” so this is not a new terminology in producing artwork but, It is a new movement that is right inline with what is going on in the world in many aspects. If I were to list all of the common factors that makes this medium so relative to every single person in the world who has contact with “oil base extract” which is plastic, I would be talking about environmental issues.

I myself want to use this material to make art that people keep around, and the best thing about toys(adult sculptures) is that you can play with it and interact with it just like you would a Real Object or Not.
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~ 17/03/08

I can’t believe its true. I was just visiting some friends in Philadelphia this weekend to attend an art opening of all female artist called “The F Word Revisited” curated by my friend Dr. Debra Miller and one of the artist in this exhibition is Andy Warhol’s niece Madalen Warhola who was one of the people who confirmed that Baird Jones died on February 21 2008 of natural causes. He was found in his apartment alone and it appears that no funny business had taken place. The last time I was with Baird was at the Jonathan Le Vine gallery for Doze Green’s exhibition about two years ago and I gave him this pocket painting that I made for him along with some drawings he made me do because he gave a friend of mine a classic Studio 54 drink token and I had to pay for it with the drawings that I did.

I thought that it was a fare trade and didn’t mind doing the drawings and I would only wish that I could do more drawings for him but it is now too late for that. I met Baird Jones like most people did hanging out at “The Underground” on 17th & Broadway at Union Square. He was the guy with the NY Yankees baseball cap and sports jacket with skinny tie at the front door checking if guys were wearing jackets and came with a date or two, or three,or up to five was the maximum allowed.

I’m gonna miss calling the Partyline to find out where the party is and him instructing me on what to wear, what time to be there and helping him promote by handing out passes so everyboby I knew could go out in New York City for Free and have the time of your life. Farewell My Friend the party is on cloud 9 if your interested.
RedSaid aka KaMo