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~ 05/04/08

I had a thought that this year would be a transitional year for me and I guessed correctly that I would soon return to the New York scene that I thought was long gone. It really is long gone, but what is old soon becomes new again, but with different people or those who survived.

I received this flyer from an artist that I recently met at this years Art Expo and I was surprised to see a name on the invite that I am very familiar with. I haven’t attended a Herbert Fox event in over a decade and I am glad he is still doing his thing by providing people like me the opportunity to hang out in a plush environment and network with like minded folks in the fashion & art business.

This event just happens to be on the same night as the group show that I have been included in being held at APW gallery(see last post) on the lower east side of New York this month.I’m going to go to this event after my opening and celebrate the fact that I haven’t shown my physical works of art in New York in over fifteen years.
-RedSaid a.k.a.KaMo