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~ 27/05/08

“This is it!”, I am convinced that artist are very concious of their surroundings far more than the average Joe. As I research the work of some of the artist who I admire or respect these days, I’m finding that they too are using the material in there’re attempt to address the problem of over toxicfication due the introduction of petrolium based products into our lives.

I was just looking at the website of a longtime fellow artist who I would like to call friend, but only he himself could confirm that notion. I just always respected his work and he is one of the decendants of the movement that inspired me to this day.

I’m talking about Kenny Scharf’s new ‘found object’ sculptures called “LIXO” that apear to me as being constructed of all found plastic objects that you see thrown all over the streets and highways all over America “LIXO”by Kenny Scharf if your really paying attention. I know he has always had enviormental issues in his work from the very beginning and he continues to expand his message off the canvas and right to your favorite coffee table or nightstand.

Now, I know if Kenny is on point with this plastic thing, then I know that everybody better get on board because he has been saying this far before this new DIY culture started.To be earth concious these days is the only thing that is going to save your ass in the long run. Long after you put your last gallon of gas in your giant SUV and trecked off to the bank to exchange your dollar bills for the ‘Amero’ dollar so you can buy some “potted meat”to feed your family.

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~ 25/05/08

PHOTO: Tara Mc Pherson with Karey Maurice at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

“I wrote about the horrors of plastic consuming our planet and I asked the question,”Are artist finding better ways to use this petrolium base product? My conclusion to this ever popular question is,”Yes, We are finding better ways to entertain ourselves buy creating objects that make use of the most disposable creation man has ever introduced into the world of land plants and animals.

The time has come when we must be more creative when it come to throwing things away and rethink what an object can be after it is use the first time for its initial intent. Although my CVT’s (Custom Vinyl Toys) don’t make use of recycled materials that some artist use in the creation of their art, I will be more concious of the things that I throw away and maybe I can incorporate it into my next attempt at doing it myself. You can see more of my creations fearured on Vinyl Requiem’s website Vinyl Requiem and while your there you can see me in Tara McPherson’s interview chillin at her opening show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery a few months back. I was supposed to hear her spinning at Motor City Bar last night but I couldn’t get the energy up to make the trip to New York.
-RedSaid aka KaMĀ©

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~ 11/05/08

I received an invitation to a celebration that I’m sorry I missed two weeks ago. I cannot mention in this entry all the thanks I could give to a person who’s belief in me was pure and honest.

I have other entries that give my respect for Keith Haring and I have some great memories of him that will always be inspirational to me for the rest of my life. I want to say happy belated birthday to a great artist and most of all, a great friend.

The ‘Party of Life’ was the event that I was invited to and I thank whoever sent it to me but, I can’t dance like I use to due to a recent accident and some hearing loss from hanging out in discos for a decade. I was aware of this annual event since its inception at the Paradise Garage back in 1986 and I was surprised to see that somebody wanted to keep the party alive after all this time, kudos to you.
-RedSaid aka KaMo