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~ 29/07/08

“Since December of 2007 I got involved with the custom designer toy movement simply because I felt that something was happening or, I should say ‘Poppin’ if I were to communicate what I’m saying on the streets of the tristate areas that I roll through predominatly. I thought that this was one movement worth the investment and time to involved myself with and I’m glad that I have found a medium that really showcases my style of painting“Unauthorized Collaborations” by KaMo and It is something that most people are only just becomming aware of as more work becomes exhibited in major exhibitions in the New York,New Jersey and Philadelphia area which makes plenty of sense since I have my studio located in Trenton. I feel lucky to be so close to both cities because I can visit them both in one day if I need to buy something. I decide by how much tax its going to cost me and how much travel time do I have before returning to the laboratory. -RedSaid aka KaMĀ©