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~ 12/08/08

I just was in an exhibition this past week in a place that has a distinct place in my memory banks placed there apparently by my Father some forty years ago according to my Sister,and comfirmed by my Brother that this is a place that was a part of growing up when vacation time arrived.

I don’t remember clearly going to this town when I was a child but I sure won’t forget my recent visit to this quaint little village in the midle of knowhere anytime soon.

I exhibited two of my DIY’s (Bax Bear™) in this showcase held atThe Artist Eye Gallery, A gallery/toy store/giftshop tucked away in the corner of this small imported town with window views of the lake that sits in the middle of it all. Despite the bad weather that day, I had an experience that has been revisited that, I wasn’t even aware of having until I returned from the place.-RedSaid aka KaM©