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~ 25/03/09

Opening night at this show was fantastic there must have been two hundred people or more who attended last Saturday night. It was great to see some folks that I haven’t seen in quite some time. The new sculptures worked well with some of my older stuff although they looked fresh as the frist day of spring that just happened to fall on the same day.

The cameras were rolling to capture the entire event and I can’t wait to see what the show looked like from someone else’s perspective. I was Interviewed during the exhibition about one of my more social political paintings that raises some questions about September 11,2001 and may suggest more than I could possibley comment on while being totally conscious of the fact that I’m beening filmed for postarity.

If you missed the opening of the show you still have time to visit the exhibition and we are doing a gallery talk on April 11, at 2:00pm and possibly a closing party on April 25th so say tuned

Karey Maurice, James Cary,Andrew Wilkinson,Thom Reaves

Karey Maurice, James Cary,Andrew Wilkinson,Thom Reaves

 and check out the artwork that is sure to get your mind off thinking about current events like our economy and how much fun we all are not really having because we don’t see real people do real things without it being filtered to us through the television.

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~ 04/03/09


I attended this years event on Sunday and the first thing I noticed was the size of the exhibition was a bit smaller that I can remember in recent years. I guess the the planning of it reflected the present state of the economy but that didn’t stop the most serious art patrons to take a look anyway.

I didn’t have anything jump out at me nor did I see any fresh new Ideas about painting in general. It was just the usual paint brush to canvas or palate knife with oil paint carefully applied with fantastic frames surrounding the artwork. I did enjoy some of the sculpture that I encountered and checking out the Epson printers they had set up in the back printing out some huge reproductions.

I was invited this year by an artist I met last year named James Ceravolo and when I ran into him he seemed to be pleased with the turn out as we looked out into the isles to people watch. I then went to visit another artist who has a both directly across from where I’m standing and he has some cool live musician playing some tunes and it gives the scene a little more life. After visiting with the two artist that I know I continue to walk around until I can’t take it anymore and decide to head for the train station and end my day in New York City.

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~ 02/03/09

ARTWORKS presents 3 Guys

GALLERY Opening :
Saturday, March 21st, 5PM – 9PMMusic by: MADD TRONIX
from March 21st, 2009
until April 25th, 2009

19 Everett Alley
Trenton, NJ 08611

images (left to right):
Anthony Fearron
‘After Hours’, 2007
acrylic on canvas

Karey Maurice
‘Singleton’, 2008
acrylic on vinyl

Thom Reaves
‘Feet’, 2006
acrylic on canvas