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~ 16/04/09

Ref. Pictures of Nothing abstract art since Pollock. by Kirk Varnedoe

One of his statements about the origins of modern contemporary art in the twentieth century reads like this: “This kind of art is conceivable only within a system that is in crucial sense unfixed,inefficeint,and unpredictable-a cultural system whose work is done by the play within it,in all sense of the word,in a game where the rules themselves are what is constantly up for grabs.-Kirk Varnedoe


“Even the most trained painters cannot escape the confines of order, structure,and free themselves from the grips of geometry. What has been deemed abstract I find has a basis in mathmatics to a large degree.

Anthony Fearron’s work is devoid of these basic rules and code, his foundation is sprituality with cosmic vibrations of universal music flowing over the surface of the canvas, it cannot be equated by numbers,formulae, or abstract conceptual theory in general. Each painting has its own personallity and color palate separate from one another even though they could have been painted in the same studio session.

Destinct graffics,bold color and text is how Thom Reaves chooses to express his passion for the art nouveau period of nineteeth century France.His love of order and beauty translate a very romantic essence of communication that he has totally made his own by starting with references to Degas and Lautrec pretending to paint subjects like Sophia Lorren or Josephine Baker if you could imagine, he modernizes the illustrative style these artist used to make advertisements, and, to add more fun to the paintings meaning he makes fake products with which the artist himself cleverly concocks in his own mind and he uses equally creative typography to complete the compositions.

My work serves as the anchor with its references to modern art dating back to post WWI era starting with the Datast to Surrealism to Pop art, and ending with the new trend of Pop Surrealism or “Low Brow” art that include my vinyl toy sculptures which relate to my new found interest in Japanses Anime and Manga which is represented today by this “Do it Yourself” movement that has surfaced in the last decade here in the United States.

The game has been totally changed when trying to identify a certain type of artifact connected to a specific race or ethnic group of people.This show truly reflects the current trends in painting & sculpture and updates the Trenton arts community into the twenty first century and beyond… tradition has been reassesed,reexamined and manipulated in the hands of these III Guys who share contemporary thoughts about society and choose to ignor the barriers of exclusion by being identified as solely African American artist, they are artist who have the same access to information and materials as anyone else which has leveled the playing field in contemporary art.