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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 22/06/09

This years event was almost ruened partially by the rain that kept haunting the area but the true diehard folks of Trenton triumphed once again with this awesome 24 hour extravaganza held once a year.The outdoor sound stage dried out in time for the music lineup and the fire pits were burning brightly when I arrived so I knew this would be no different than the previous year which was a mind"Art All Night" Trenton New Jersey 2009blowing experience being inside one of the massive Roebling complex buildings that still exsist and this particular one was responceable in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge cables.

I ran into most of the artist friends I know hovering around the beer stands with huge smiles on their faces and I almost didn’t get a chance to view the art on display inside because of the socializing with all the people who know me.Once I did do a walk through I was really impressed with the amount and quality of art that is submitted for this showcase and I know that there is no doubt that Trenton has some awesome undiscovered talent that is waiting to be recognized by the rest of the country just like the major manufacturers that use to exsist and were household names around the world.