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~ 21/09/09

Last Friday night was the opening of a group show that I got included in along with some of my Trenton based artist friends as well as my Philadelphia artist friends down in Millville, New Jersey at the Riverfront Renaissance Art Center on High Street. In the past nine years this town surly sets the example of what can be accomplished with a few creative minds and a commitment to making things better. When I last exhibited my work in Millville three years ago it seemed like the town was gearing up for a change, and now that change has come by way of art galleries and swank eateries that line the main street. Although I was busy with socializing at the opening of my exhibition and watching my friend Leon Rainbow paint outside the gallery I noticed that there was a hellava lot more people enjoying the festive atmosphere that ran the whole  entire stretch of the main street.

I only wish the folks in Trenton would take a trip down to this quaint little town that has more going on for itself than the capital city could imagine to have and take some notes.

This exhibition has gotten more press than I have ever experienced in a single week and its a shame that the artist living in or around Trenton have to go somewhere else to get recognized for their talent.

To read more about the exhibition just click on these links

and see what I’m talking about.

Autor: KaM©

~ 03/09/09

My next exhibition is coming up real soon…like next week. This is a two man show that was originally my annual solo exhibition held at Smile Gallery in Philadelphia, PA hence the name Popadelphia. If you want to see my latest works of art then this is your opportunity to come and check out some of my most recent.

The gallery is located at 105 South 22nd Street above the thai fusion eatery that is a part of the whole experience when you visit the gallery. Opening reception is scheduled for September 11th and starts at 6:00pm until 9:00pm. I hope to see you there.