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~ 05/12/09

Trenton Review Reading
Community Room
Sunday, Dec. 20, 2 p.m.

A new publication covering the arts and letters scene in the capital city, Trenton Review celebrates its debut with a reading by several of the contributors. Join Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa, local poets Nancy Scott and Joan Goldstein, visual artist Karey Maurice and others as they demonstrate the range of talent the city has to offer. Among the first issue’s topics are an interview with artist Leon Rainbow, an article on Passage Theatre Company, and a piece about the rock club City Gardens, along with works by noted poets.
For more information visit the Princeton Public library’s website and click on events.

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~ 04/12/09

Man,to visit my hometown to do an event is interesting and a big difference between actually living there and having a routeen of waking up in my studio and going to breakfast down town somewhere seeing or visiting people I know and then preparing to exhibit.

I like dropping in and getting busy with the artists and patrons who I respect and admire their collective spirit towards making something happen in Trenton,Nj and I always got to give props to Mr.Leon Rainbow who has the physical drive and fortitude to create something memorable for the masses.
He’s one of the first artist that I invited to Red Balloon Studio to work with and colaborate with on a series of paintings titled;”Flying Colours” which turned out fantastic way back in 2002 if my memory serves me well.
This “Rock Ya Body” event was creatively stimulating for everyone who entered Artworks Gallery & class rooms on “Black Friday” November 27th 2009. I don’t actually know how many people were there because I was busy painting my model most of the time. But what I did notice was the energy and excitement it all generated and thats what its all about with trying to stimulate a culturally depressed area like down town Trenton. Its not that it doesn’t exsist,its that diversity is not celebrated it is still shuned apon and exploited to benefit a few, but you can say that about most places outside New York,LA,Miami,Chicago but Trenton exsisted before those places so you would think that it would be ahead of the game.
I was glad to be apart of another sucessful event held in Trent N (if your from there) and I hope somebody realizes that the creative community is ready and willing to make the difference in the image that has stigmatized the town for decades.
They are even willing to “Rock Ya Body” with whatever it takes to make you happy in the once first capital of our nation. But only for a few days or something like that,check your history books.

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