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~ 29/01/10

Problems big or small we got you covered.

On January 31st 2010 the Red Balloon Studio will celebrate is eight year of serving the artistic community  online.The store is  filled with unique designs for women children and guys that carry a positive message and eye popping graffics not sold in any retail outlet.

To celebrate this momentous occation we are offering a 20% discount on all hoodies for a limited time only.When ordering use promotional code:HOODS4U to receive your discount.
About Red Balloon Studio;

The Red Balloon Studio was founded by neo-pop artist Karey Maurice Counts in 2001. The name was inspired by the children’s book & film “The Red Balloon” written and directed by Albert Lamorisse. It is a film about a young boy in Paris who befriends a very large red balloon.

Online store or just simply click the link to the left.