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~ 29/08/10

Its true, African Americans have long admired Asian culture and its traditions along with its post war contemporary restructuring. The introduction of martial arts in the 1970’s to western society sparked the interest of African Americans across the nation and Karate was practiced (although secretly) in the basements of homes and public housing developments everywhere. This form of self-defense was felt needed due to the discrimination that African American males experienced while being outside at night and questioned by police at random.
The second influence came from television broadcasts of films such as “Godzilla vs King Kong” and with episodic television series portraying families that transformed into super robotic heroes like “Jonny Socko” and “Giant Robot” along with “Ultraman” and the Science Patrol exploration team ultimatly expressed transcendence and adventure.
The third influence was Saturday morning cartoons which had the most impact on the youth (myself being one of them) which used martial arts fighting in a lot of popular shows namely “Hong Kong Phooey” utilizing Scatman Crothers an African American actors voice as the main character.
These programs were all transformative and inspirational to the African American community in many ways and now Asian youth culture is finding relativity in the Hip Hop culture of African Americans because of similar experiences with living in a traditional oppressive society. I personally feel a deep spiritual connection with Asian culture because of its form of discipline it has and its respect of form and function in its traditional sense but that is rapidly transforming into a new hybrid of modern society expressed through music and the visual arts.

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~ 24/08/10

Attention artists! Just in case you didn’t know already you can become the latest sensation in the post modern art world by simply doing illegal acts and become the talk of the town and the public enemy of your local police department. But for all your troubles the payoff is a career in the post modern art & entertainment world exhibiting in the most highly publisized galleries and major museums around the world.
Forget spending years apon years locked away in a studio you barely can afford and stealing art supplies,eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner alone just to perfect your style or make a statement,or at least comment on our social short commings.
Those days appear to be long gone and a thing of the past in this nouveau chic street movement thats got all the elements of a cops & robber,bad guy gone good,westside story and boy gets girl hollywood blockbuster movie rolled up into a career as you can handle.
And the best part of it is that its our reality according to those art institutions who subscribe to creating talent insted of stumbling apon it in a eureeka moment or actually looking for it.

This all didn’t just happen over night of course, it took years to develope and you can’t just single out certain artists or people to blame. We must except the fact that we don’t have time for the deep shit anymore,we just want to be entertained and we are willing to except sub-standard talent and admire risk taking as an badge of honor with a dab of idol making.

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~ 08/08/10

The program ends its first season on August 11th so if you have missed it, you still have a chance to see the winner be crowned and be awarded an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which opens on August 14th in the projects gallery on the fifth floor.
The show is hosted by Tina Chow and has an allstar cast of art world movers & shakers or, I should say ‘makers’ in this case namely gallerist Bill Powers art critic Jerry Saltz curator Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and art auctioneer Simon de Pury all of which are very good at judging the contestants work I think but the whole concept of the show is cheesy and belittles the struggle of an artist trying to make his mark in the established art world and have her or his work exhibited in a major museum.It seems as though its a kind of shortcut that any artist would be willing to undergo for fame and fortune and this platform reminds me of a book I just read titled “The End of Art” by art critic Donald Kuspit which explains that contemporary art has become entertainment.
These new artist or postartist as the book calls them are entertainers with some degree of talent but their work is created to capture an audience simular to the dadist but mimic the antics of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades with the superficiality of Andy Warhol where the creator becomes more important than the creation.
This is a disturbing set of circumstances for the serious artists who still believe in the magic of transendence and spirituality,and, at its simplist point,illusion, such as myself.I’m sure there are artist out there who feel that the gates of succes are only opened for a select group as it is but this show takes the cake in illustrating that its who you know and how much attention you can aquire in fifteen minutes and real passion isn’t required any longer.

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~ 03/08/10

Well this is peak summer season and all I can say is that I have servived not going out of my mind due to personal circumstances. Going into detail would insure that knowbody read my blog again so I will spare you the anguish.
Not many stories to report on at this point but I must mention the thrill of having Lebran James head to Miami to play with the Miami Heat next season.

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The other notable news is that the President’s healthcare reform bill passes and now he is working on the financial institution reform both of which effect me and everybody directly. So I give the President my support in his efort to bring change to the United States of America.I’ll drink to that from here until eternity…Saluti.

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