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~ 29/10/10

To Karey Maurice
There are more African American artists in today’s contemporary art scene than ever before. Now compare the list below to a list of Latin American artists, or Asian American artists, or Native American artists in the contemporary art market. You will find the other ethnic group’s artists list to be miniscule compared to the list below.
African American artists in today’s contemporary art market:
Michael Ray Charles
Chakaia Booker
Willie Cole
Robert Colescott
Roy DeCarava
Thornton Dial Sr.
Melvin Edwards
Ellen Gallagher
Sam Gilliam
David Hammons
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Glenn Ligon
Kerry James Marshall
Howardena Pindell
Adrian Piper
Martin Puryear
Faith Ringgold
Alison Saar
Betye Saar
Raymond Saunders
Lorna Simpson
Kara Walker
Carrie Mae Weems
Kahinde Wiley
Fred Wilson

“I did respond to this comment and published a reply, and the author has built quite a list for me to research.However it only supports my assumption that there is a noticeable lack of cultural balance when it comes to the visual arts in America.
More support of this fact comes from a comment on my last post suggesting I elaborate more on the subject,but, all I can do is set the trap for dialog and hope I get a bite which has proved to be effective judging by this post I nabbed from the Internet in responce to something I wrote about the Tv Show back in August that I was happy that Abdi won the grand prize,which was a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum.

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~ 09/10/10

Is it me? Am I not getting the picture? Why is it that every cultural institution in America namely the ones in the title of this article showcase art & artifacts by caucasian people solely as if African Americans don’t exsist or posess the same ability of artistic creative expression? Sure there are a few that have risen to the presteige of being exhibited in galleries and museums but most of them posthumously and they never really saw any personal success while they lived.And yet the artifacts of our ancestors from Egypt,the bush of Africa,Native America,Austraila,Oceana and god knows where else is kept quite vividly on display in museums around the world.
It seems that there is some kind of disconnect between the ancient African people and modern post slave African Americans that nobody wants to address.
I agree that education or lack thereof plays a big part in this phenomenon after all, African Americans were not able to freely express themselves legally until 1863 and probably were not exposed to art until fifty years after that.
So there’s quite a bit of a head start as far as culture is concerned but we live in a technological enviorment and are exposed to the same information as everyone else now so, there’s really no excuse unless you want to argue about subject matter aesthetics and tastes which are personal choices.I often wonder from a anthropological standpoint that if African Americans were to somehow become extinct today,what would be left behind for future cultures to examine and study about us? What kind of artifacts will be on display to represent our culture?We already got the singing & dancing and music down packed but there’s much more.
Let us here from Dr.Cornell West who in this video explains how important art and the arts are to our very nature as a society and then,you tell me what time it is…O.K.