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~ 18/02/11

“Every year for the past twenty one years, around this time I have two major reasons to reflect on the life I have been blessed to experience, and to now share with anyone who is interested in reading about it.
The first reason is that I was born an African American male which has its challenges but also a very deep connection to something that remains elusive to my comprehension due to the lack of information that;not even black history month can supply for me personally.
“My second reason is the fact that during my many adventures into New York City as a post teenager I had the pleasure to meet and become friends with the late Keith Haring who died this month on February 16,1990 of HIV/AIDS related illnesses.One of the last times I spent time with Keith was at an art exhibition at the Vrej Bagoohmian (a hush hush name in the art world) gallery where the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat was on display.
We greated each other and walked around the gallery together looking at the pieces and Keith asked me to tell him whether or not the paintings were original or prints, he had to touch them because his vision was failing him.His mood seemed encouraging but I knew underneath his exterior he was depressed because he knew he was going to die just like Jean-Michel (“but under different circumstances.) just two years prior and Andy Warhol only one year before that so he seemed a bit hurried and nervous, and I began to feel the same way;he said to me that Basquiat was the best as we continued to view the exhibition and then it was time for him to leave and we shook hands and said goodbye.
The very last time I saw Keith Haring was at his Pop Shop store while I was visiting New York doing my usual routeen of checking out the village and soho,I was surprised to see him and we shook hands and that was it.

I now have this reproduction of the original portrait I painted for him available on my Society6 online store.Just click on the link to the left to be directed to the sales page.

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~ 04/02/11

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~ 02/02/11

Time for some action!

“Do we need some assistance in establishing a well balanced “Cultural Democracy” in America? I personally feel we do but how its done is a touchy and debatable subject.Since the period of the Renaissance artist more or less belonged to a group or collective to further advance the achievement of their craft and create new aesthetics for public consumption.The same is true for seventeenth,eighteenth and nineteenth century artists a time when some of the greatest accomplishments in science & technology were achieved and adapted by modern painters who wanted to challenge the notion of what art could be and look like aesthetically,but also,comment on the culture in which they lived.

In our time (the 21st century) we still have groups of artists who belong;more or less,to movements or cliques that have become exclusive to society (culturally) but yet are highly visible on our streets,in our galleries and museums with great support from our media sources (art publications,cult magazines,film documentary) as catalyst.These artists get imprinted in our conscious minds and become famous for not being original, but mimetic; with their choice of medium and material, and literally deface public property, possible by being able to hide by the light of day and taking advantage of their race and blending in to mainstream society.

The competition hardly seems fare when you take into account that no general support is ever given to independent minority artist who used the same medium and partial methods thirty years prior and continue today to just prove their existence and dream of a better life for themselves and their families.

During the great depression a program was created called (FAP) Federal Art Project part of (WPA) Work Projects Administration who’s mission was to employ artists who were unemployed and met certain criteria and many well known artists benefited from this program and it basically was instrumental in giving the “Harlem Renaissance” its momentum and financial backbone until its restructuring due to WWII focused activities by the program.
I wonder should this program be reinstated, would we see a balance in the artistic community as far as artists being able to have successful careers and be represented in our galleries and cultural institutions, or would there be a backlash of protesters that would claim the policy to be too socialist and cry foul? “This is more than food for thought, its time for some action!