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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 28/06/11

"Art In The Streets" exhibition LAMOCA

It seems that this show is drawing more attention for its side effects and activity around the museum in downtown Los Angeles than the content inside its exhibition spaces.
There has been several arrests by LAPD of artists charged with vandalism and probation violations stemming from prior vandalism charges by the same artists, who’s name I don’t care to mention; you can find plenty of additional information regarding these cases in plenty of articles covering the exhibition.
I think the point is being missed when you focus on the criminal act of ”Street Art” but also, it doesn’t excuse the idiotic behavior of some artists who’s tasteless choice of displaying subexpressionistic art in less than desirable public spaces is ruening the genre and has gotten out of control.

“The Idea of being an artist in the twenty first century has become convoluted and over saturated with simple techniques and pomp and circumstance, and the circumstance in which I speak of is everybody’s an artist or photographer or film director just because the tools have been made easy to access and use to create “objects d’ art” for entertainment and not serious content about society.Because if we really think about it, and did get serious as people first then as artist about what we put out there as a message either on the streets or on the internet,we would see more of a responceability in the choice of placement and taste. Granted that style is always subjective but when it comes to the public perception of works of art we have no control over the power an image or word might effect someone else, the best you could do is honor the area your leaving your shit in and everything will work out fine.

This exhibition is going to travel to the Brooklyn Museum and open in March 2012 where it is expected to be a sort of home comming for the genre of “graffiti” now called street art which noticably began in the five boroughs of New York City back in the late 1960’s and 70’s until the mid 1980’s when city laws changed and more aggressive actions by the police pushed the medium underground and outside of the city,ridding on the popularity of Hip Hop music it traveled to the rest of the country and then the world.