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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 10/10/11

I decided to participate in this annual festival this year to try out exhibiting my custom toy/sculptures and see if I could survive an eight hour day after being isolated for three years and not exhibiting any new works of art.
The Monroe Art Center is a huge warehouse filled with rented studio and performance spaces that seem like it is still in its infancy, just gaining recognition from its own local community in hopes to attract supporters from surrounding areas such as across the Hudson River to the borough of Manhattan.
The group who organized the event worked very hard at preparing the venue and made sure there was enough food and drinks for everyone the only criticism I had was that there wasn’t enough signage visable to advertise the event on the building nor inside to indicated where the event was being held in the five story warehouse.
My personal experience with displaying my wares was something of a challenge due to my situation but beyond that I noticed that most of the people who came over to take a look were a bit shy or didn’t speak at all to me. The only person who interacted with me was this cute little girl who allowed me to take her photograph holding one of my designs.