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~ 17/12/11

Artists Paul Miller aka Dj Spooky and Karey Maurice at the Warhol Museum Pittsburgh,PA

View of downtown Pittsburgh from Heine’s Field.

I decided to take my first adventure in Ohio to visit my best friend and to visit my friends the Warhola’s in Pittsburgh, as well as have an opportunity to see the new exhibition by Alex Ross currently at the Andy Warhol Museum.During my stay in Ohio I visited Stubensville where my best friend is now living, it was a nice break away from the norm but, I was a little bit over whelmed by the throngs of visitors that came to the house to welcome me.
Non the less I had a nice time just being around good honest people with great hospitality and,friendly to boot. I stayed for a couple of days and then it was time to go to Pittsburgh where I would stay alone at the Hyatt North Shore hotel that was situated right smack in the middle of the two sports arenas Heine’s Field and PNC Park which was very convenient and, just a short walk across one of the bridges you are in downtown Pittsburgh.
I had dinner with the Warhola-Hoovers the night before I was to visit the museum the next day and that’s was great because I arrived on such short notice, they really went out of their way to meet up with me, which I was extremely grateful.

While at the museum I got the greatest surprise I could expect being so far away from New York City.That night I ran into Paul Miller aka Dj Spooky who was just as surprised as I was to see each other. He immediately asked me what I was doing there and I told him that I was actually visiting Andy Warhol’s family to his wonderment.
We chatted for a minute about his new book and then he pulled up an image of the cover design before his attention was captured by the folks who sponcered his reason for being there which was a lecture and promotion.

The trip didn’t go without it’s problems, the majority of it was very enjoyable but, upon return from Pittsburgh on Amtrak train No.42 October 30th, (the earliest snow storm on record) we lost power on the train a couple of times due to the heavy snow that was weighing down the power lines and trees along the route. This disabled us for entire an six hours or more before reaching Harrisburg, Pennsylvania only to have a very large tree fall directly on the engine as we were barreling down the tracks for what it seemed, as twice the speed we were going when we first began our journey.

The impact was like crashing through a barn because of all the rumpling of the debris that hit the side of the window just a few feet in front of me  and the top of the train while it came to an amazing gravity defying stop.Nobody knew the severity of the accident until some of the passengers stepped off the train to inspect what had happened after being told that we would be delayed this time indefinitely because of the tree hitting the train or; the train hitting the tree.Either way we were stuck there until Amtrak could figure out  how to rescue 26 passengers who,up til now, were already frustrated before this last incident. After several more hours and one attempt to send a rescue engine which also became disabled at one point they decided to back the original engine ( still connected to the passenger cars but, badly damaged.) up all the way back to Harrisburg where we would be staying overnight at the Crown Plaza Hotel and the rest would be explained to us in the morning once an Amtrak representative contacts the remaining crew members who were also with us.

To finish this story here would be a waist of time due to short attention spans and simply, pure lack of interest on the readers part to deem my life just not that interesting. I guess these are things that books are made of so you’ll just have to wait until I publish my first full length memoir which has always been a work in progress  since I began writing way back in the late 1980’s after not being able to sleep because of a great club night during which a hit of acid or mescaline was used for inspiration.