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~ 12/02/12

Dr. Debra Miller with James Warhola @ Fleischer Art Memorial Philadelphia,PA.

On February 4th 2012 Da Vinci Art Alliance celebrated the home coming of America’s most famous post modern artist; Andy Warhol who changed the way we look at the common objects around us with a more discerning eye. The photograph above shows Dr. Debra Miller and James Warhola (Andy’s nephew) participating in an symposium held at the Fleischer Art Memorial school which is across the street from where the exhibition “Warholized” The Silver Show @ Da vinci Art Alliance on 704 Catharine St. in Philadelphia, PA is on view until February 26th.

I was a guest speaker at this event which was a pleasant surprise to me and I was happy to explain my connection with Pop Art and the personal association I have with the family (Andy Warhol’s) which I have adopted as my artistic extension.

What became evident to me was the fact that I truly have arrived at some career junction that has materialize itself in a real concrete way and, I couldn’t be happier that I truly stuck to my guns, so that my natural instincts usually,more times than not, guided me to a rather unorthodox method of career building, but I’ve managed to overcome many obstacles that would have stopped the average person in their tracks it has been said to me on several occasions so this is not my own personal opinion;how would I know that theoretically?

In this exhibition I have two prints that were created by my new photographic technique and using the computer. Making my toy sculptures the subject of my artwork and placing them into real situations that I photograph at another time. The greatest thing about making art this way is that,”the final artwork doesn’t exist  until you pay for it in advance so you don’t have to worry about restocking your inventory It’s made to order like ordering a cheese burger from Burger King or Mc Donald’s it doesn’t get any better than that,people want instant gratification and gifts through the mail.”