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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 11/04/12

Allen Esprito,Selma Eron, Karey Maurice @ Going Global exhibition at Da Vinci Art Alliance

At the end of last year I lost a very special friend who I met by chance while I was working as a custom framer at Michael’s Arts and Crafts store in Lawrenceville

/Princeton New Jersey over six years ago.

A woman named Elisabeth Roth came into the store looking for someone to frame over thirty pieces of original art that her late father Ted Eron produced for a retrospective being held in his honor in Woodstock, NY at the home of his son.

After consulting with her that day she promised to return to Michael’s and work with me on this extensive project exclusively. When she did return, she brought along her mother (Selma) and a friend of the family as well as more fantastic works of art created by her father.

When I first looked at this artwork (Army moral posters from WWII )I knew this wasn’t my ordinary customer because she brought me original art that was a rarity compared to the usual posters and open edition prints that normally flowed through our frame shop.

This was the most artwork framed by one single framer dealing with one customer Michael’s ever saw and it developed into a lasting friendship that resulted in two exhibitions for Ted (Selma’s late husband) and, Selma with her own artwork was included in the Going Global exhibition at Da Vinci Art Alliance along with myself and three other artists traveled to two other locations. I use to see her at the Princeton public library quite often before she was unable to drive and her visits were sporadic until she had to enter an assisted living facility where she would remain for the rest of her life.