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~ 24/05/12

Last February I reported on the art exhibition “The Silver Show” comemmorating the death of the most under recognized but highly popularized artist of the twenty first century Andy Warhol.
For more on the celebration hosted by Da Vinci Art Alliance you can read my post titled “Fifteen minutes twenty five years later” after you view the Interview conducted by MINDtv featuring Dr. Debra Miller,David Foss and myself talking about not only Warhol but Da Vinci Art Alliance’s importance as being a non profit gallery that always has an educational element to it’s exhibition programing and how the members support each other by actually purchasing art.
The three of us were interviewed by MINDTv about the gallery and it’s connection to the contemporary master which was posted on YouTube and we have the link here MindTv’s Interview.

Autor: KaM©

~ 06/05/12

Group exhibition curated by Leon Rainbow.

Next month I’m included in this urban art exhibition along with sixteen street & contemporary artists and two photographers that have documented the third coming of graffiti art and letter based abstraction along with stenciling, a spinoff genre to tagging.

The place, the Riverfront Renaissance Center is a very active place which provides not only artist exhibitions but educational programming for the local community to learn more about the benefits of all types of artistic practices.It’s a very large exhibition space with plenty of restaurants flanking either side of the building along it’s main street.
The last exhibition I was included in at this facility was also an urban art themed show in 2008 where I exhibited a couple of my designer custom toys/sculpture which received a bit of local press to my enjoyment.

This time I will also be exhibiting several of my new platform Qees,Frombie,Oshi the kid and the popular Dunny themed character with a few other surprises sure to spark the imagination of patrons young and old.

The opening reception will be held on June 15th from 6:00 until 9:00 pm and is free to the public. For more information visit the centers website at or phone 856-327-4500><

New video of the exhibition by LUV1 images by Andrew Wilkinson.