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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 30/08/12

"Windows of Soul" September 21st through September 23rd Trenton, NJ E.Hanover Street.

The last time I heard the names Leon Rainbow and William Kasso together it was just a short time ago back in early August when TerraCycle held it’s annual Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam which has turned out to be a gathering of the artistic tribes if you will, a super communal event where painters [writer’s in the graffiti world] come from all over the tristate area and beyond to reface the entire building inside as well as out with their latest black book designs specifically for this location.

Now we have another event on the heals of the last which will focus on one entire city block of Downtown Trenton that has been neglected and once stood as lawyers Row in better times of the city. What the two organizers plan on doing is reface all the buildings that have plywood windows and doors on their facades into an outdoor art gallery that will be a much needed improvement for this strangely abandoned block that is one city street away from City Hall. The plan is to invite artists (Of all kinds) to contribute a work of art to be mounted on the plywood filling as many as they can up with beautiful images. Also in the scheduled will be an official indoor art opening at gallery 219 and a closing event block party on E. Hanover Street featuring local talent and BBQ to keep the party nourished and in full effect.

This writer hopes to add his two cents creatively to this awesome Idea;It’s due to the fact that I am a big supporter of positive change for Trenton and just can’t pass up the opportunity to give my home town a little Souvenir to remember my by since I moved from the area four years ago. I will write a follow up report that will include some photos with it so you can see how art can transcend the negative image that Trenton has been trying to shake for over thirty years.