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~ 28/12/12

When I think about the the passage of time (in this case 365 days.) I try to think about the most significant events that literally made a difference in my life. The one that stands out the most is the fact that I have a permanent residence in a place that I could only imagine if my pockets were a lot fatter, but,somehow the universe has opened up and allowed me to settle into my new digs.I love being in Princeton, New Jersey it seems Ideal for a person like me who has limited mobility who needs the convenience of public transportation and a small hamlet of a town to do my shopping and of course,socializing in the local bars & restaurants.
The second important event(s) was working on my health at the health center and see major improvements from the time I signed up and seeing the results right before my eyes and making this regiment a permanent part of my new lifestyle.
I did however experience a few eye opening revelations while I tried to reclaim my old stomping grounds (Trenton,NJ) but the powers that be made sure that wouldn’t happen;not on their watch and, rightfully so because I’ve learned that you can’t re-step into your old footprints because you hopefully have new shoes on your feet at the moment. Coming in February I will be exhibiting my new artwork at the Trenton Social located where my second studio use to be above the now defunct Conduit NIght Club on South Broad Street across the street from the Sun Bank Arena.
I did not travel this year so there’s nothing to report from Art Basel Miami my favorite destination the first week of December I didn’t even have enough cash to visit my Family in Atlanta for Christmas but I didn’t go without being with close friends for the celebration which are illustrated below. Philadelphia has been good to me this year and I have been spending more and more time there discovering things that I may have overlooked or totally just haven’t had the time to explore until now.
I could mention a third & fourth event that may or may not be significant but I don’t want to report prematurely the results for fear of jinxing the two projects that magically fell into my lap. More on this probably next year 2013!! Stay tuned.

Christmas Eve 2012 Philadelphia,PA

Christmas Eve 2012 Philadelphia, PA