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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 08/01/13

Palmer Square Princeton,New Jersey

Thinking of only good will and the best of intentions I find this year 2013 quite a surprise. On New Years Day I get the news that one of my greatest supporters passed away and I had to make a long painful road trip to pay my respect so,off to Atlanta,GA which is where I am right now dropping the science.
My feeling is that things are always dark before the light can shine through and brighten things up. I also feel some sort of transition heading my way because I have invested so much time into a few projects situatuions that enevitably will come to a positive end and, hopefully, I will come through in a much better position than when the year began. I won’t get into any sort of detail about what I expect but I will say that I plan on exercising my right to the persuit of happiness which may at times cause me a little discomfort but the pleasure outweights the pain in most cases.
The really most important thing for me is that I now have full Health Insurance so I can be in good shape when this change occures and requires a little physical strenght to get my house in order so to speak. After taking this road trip I realize that I must get my Volvo back on the road so interstate [if possible] travel can be handled comfortably and in my own capacity.
As far as the artwork goes I’m preparing for my exhibition “Cross Your Heart” in my hometown of Trenton,New Jersey which I truly believe will be my last exhibition there unless I’m offered an opportunity to exhibit at the City or State Museum(s) because anything less would be a complete insult to me as a true Trentonian and secondly as an artist who has the tenure and press articles to back up his career. I welcome fresh situations this year that will lead me to an adventure and better understanding of my sense of purpose in this exsistance.