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Autor: KaMĀ©

~ 03/02/13

The Tyrone Miller Show.Where do I begin with this one? I first want to say that I’m glad to be back in familiar territory exhibiting in my home town of Trenton New Jersey especially in a place where I put a lot of blood sweat and yes, plenty of tears into while dealing with the tremendous devastation of both my parents dying within one year or so of each other. Neither one of them got the chance to experience that fruitful time of my life; nor will they get the chance to see this great impromptu ( at times funny) Interview with the host Tyrone Miller who inadvertently just happen to be there in his own studio space directly across the hall from me when I lived in my studio [Red Balloon Studio] at the time;it was a great productive period. So it wasn’t always morning death there that I was doing, I was getting busy in all senses of the word in my third floor suit with roof access to add an extra outdoor patio to the whole experience. Many people who attended Friday nights opening remember those times and they represented strong in the house showing me crazy love & respect!

The opening experience was nothing short of a huge success due to the fact that there were at least 100 patrons in attendance at any given time and I was so busy greeting folks that I almost felt overwhelmed because I didn’t want to appear rude if I didn’t get a chance to speak to someone I knew so I had to “Work the Room” as we call it as professional artists.
I had so much fun at the show but,only after fearing that I wasn’t going to make it there to the opening reception because of all the time I had to spend preparing for the exhibition. I had to throw a show together in less than one hour because the work originally submitted was rejected due to its controversial subject matter.
Without boring you with the minor details of the small stuff I’ll try to post just some pictures later so you can see the results of hard work;very hard work that has left me exhausted and happy!!
Article: Former Trenton artist coming back to city for show.