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~ 08/04/13

I’ll start off this blog entry by saying trust your instincts and better yet; accept every invitation when humanly possible! You never know who you might meet or just who may be watching you from afar.
This past Thursday April 4th 2013 Kenny (Jet) Scharf opened his solo exhibition with a colorful explosion of paintings & large sculptures that gave you that spacey organic atmosphere feeling that only he can provide and is his signature environment. The paint was bubbling off the canvas with oozing shapes and splashes along with soft balloon like forms with eyes just inviting you into this world of cosmic [Kolor] as the title of the exhibition suggested.
The sculptures there were large in scale. One had this Ooh No type of expression with mouth wide open. Another one had more of a monster grimace with teeth and sinister eyes ready to just attack you if you didn’t behave. The third one was a totem of a mixture of expressions that towered over everybody in attendance which leads me to try to describe the crowd that showed up for the art show.
I had received a personal message via Facebook ( I personally call it Fessbook) from my new Gal Pal Drena DeNiro and that was the prime motivator for me because I was in great anticipation to finally meet her in person because we share some personal connections to the early 1980’s New York art scene and have been messaging each other about that since I sent her a friends request that she surprisingly accepted some time ago.
A lot of these people were in attendance on this night so it made things kinda personal and a warmer experience than the usual fashion show-N-tell that most openings can turn out to be. But, don’t get me wrong, that can be fun too if you’re a voyeur like myself and get excited in large crowds.
I met the one and only Fab 5 Freddy, Mark Kostabi, and ran into Rick Prol again after meeting him at the last exhibition I attended in New York; I also met Allison Goldenstein a friend of Drena’s who is connected to the fashion business and designs clothing from what I know of her personally. I saw Kenny’s beautiful youngest daughter Malia who I keep mistaking for another young beauty named Andrea Diaz who stayed in our Orbit most of the evening so she appears in a lot of shots Tasha K. captured of the audience.
The only thing about these art openings that has changed a lot since I use to attend them back in the early 80’s is that people view it as a night out on the town; a sort of entertainment and a way to escape paying for drinks. So you heard the term freeloader [even though the gallery was dry] being whispered amongst the in-crowd who back in the day brought our own party material with us and shared with whoever was in need of a quick pick me up and you made new friends that way.You could tell who was just there looking for beer or wine to drink. I have or I should say my #1 Gal Pal Tasha K. captured some awesome shots of the evening which I’m happy to share here. Check them out!

Box fade guy @ Kolors exhibition ©Tasha K. 2013

Diva people @ Kolors exhibition ©Tasha K. 2013

Fashion plate guest @ Kolors exhibition ©KaM© 2013

Fab 5 Freddy & KaM© @ Kolors exhibition ©KaM© 2013

KAM© & Drena DeNiro +Bruno Schmidt @ Kolors exhibition ©Tasha K.2013

KAM© & Mark Kostabi @ Kolors exhibition ©Tasha K.2013

Andrea Diaz @ Kolors exhibition.

Malia Scharf + guest @ Kolors exhibition ©Tasha K.2013

Tasha Kersey @ Kolors exhibition ©KaM© 2013

Totem sculpture @ Paul Kasmin Gallery ©Tasha K. 2013

Allison Goldstein @ Paul Kasmin gallery photo © Tasha K. 2013