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~ 15/07/13

Riot On The Dance Floor/The Movie poster_Randy_Ellis

City Gardens night club Trenton,New Jersey

An Oral History: A film and book about the now defunct nightclub City Gardens located in Trenton (Ewing) New Jersey.

This will sort of be an; “extra extra read all about it,” kinda post because I couldn’t begin to explain how important this story is to my social life and,a pivotal point in my artistic life that meant living a double edge sword kinda of life living for the moment really.
Back then when this club was in its prime of operation and provided a sort of underground but very much above ground safe haven for the artsy type who weren’t sure if they were going to become professional artists or much less graduate from the local college campuses that were just short cab rides from this now infamous night spot. Those who didn’t have cars couldn’t bum rides because of their self-inflicted anti socialism and loyalty to the dance. In this case it was called the (90¢ cent Dance night.) that was a starving artist(s) or anyone’s dream admission price.Plus. 90¢ draught beer all night made it very lively on most Thursday evenings.
I would attend this night club every week from 1979 all the way up til its closing sometime around 1998 I believe or it could have been a few years after that but the club that I knew and loved had long gone anyway once it became known by people who just wanted a cheap drink and a freak show!!
And so now a movie and book will be released some time this year and I was told that I may appear in the movie somewhere as an extra because they do show some 90¢ dance night footage in the film “Riot On The Dance Floor” featuring the promoter Randy “Now” Ellis and how he put his whole life into the club and has no retirement plan to grow old and graceful for bringing such an cultural & musical institution to Trenton, New Jersey.
I have been interviewed for the book ” No Slam Dancing,No Stage Diving,No Spikes an oral history.” talking about my experience and input into the visual aesthetic of the interior of the club as well as some personal stories that I felt comfortable about speaking to be publicized in a book. I hope somebody buys the rights to both stories and makes a film that tells the complete story with no one side outweighing the other;which the nightclub truly deserves because it was our local CBGB’s that hosted some of the very same bands.

Autor: KaM©

~ 01/07/13

Artist KaMo giving the royal salute!! F.U. Haters...

Some people after suffering an injury tend to give up on life and either become complacent or worse; drug addicts to escape their new reality.
I chose to not give up and try to rebuild my life as much as possible under these new circumstances.
What has helped me is the fact that I have a talent that, although altered, is still very much a part of my mental edge to overcome all obstacles that present themselves each and every day.
Some may say that it’s bragging or being a primadonna as I’ve been called by a few.
I say it’s being a strong motherf*er that will stop at nothing until I find my rightful place in this society as an important contemporary artist in my lifetime.
I’ve had to struggle all my life to be gainfully employed because I lack the college degree pedigree that everyone is looking for even in the fine art business. But to my credit I continue to push forward despite this small detail when it comes to being a professional artist; something that I have been pursuing for over twenty five years. The best part about my unorthodox method is that I don’t have student loans hanging over my head like most college graduates.
I refuse to allow someone or some thing to get me off my game plan for I have been dormant for far to long (7 years to be exact.) to have me believe that I am undeserving of such a reward for my hard work and dedication to something I truly believe I can obtain despite my physical challenges.
Like the late Malcolm X once said “By any means necessary.” I’m ready for anything that comes my way good,bad or indifferent!!
Bring your A game baby!!