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~ 15/10/14

“I left my wallet in El Segundo is how the day started off!”

NYCC 2014 artist Karey Maurice @Swatch booth #404

Jacob Javitz Center New York Comic Con 2014. Artist: Karey Maurice

What I mean by quoting ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ is exactly what happened. I left my wallet at the studio and had to turn around and get it before heading to New York City for Comic Con this year.

Arriving two hours behind schedule wasn’t that big of a deal but, it did stop me from exploring the Javitz Center fully like last year. A good thing too because I really have to pin point the reason for going in the first place.

This time the highlight was approaching the Swatch ® booth and showing them my watch that Keith Haring strapped on my wrist the first day we met. The woman & gentleman behind me were very excited to see the timepiece and took some pictures of it while I explained a little bit about myself. I also expressed interest in possibly creating a design for the company and showed them a little sample.

The Con is always very exciting and simply; just filled with people who enjoy expressing themselves! I don’t go through the ritual of dressing like my favorite cartoon character or super hero/villain but I sure appreciate the folks who do because they rule. Without them there would really be no audience to watch while they are watching you! PERVERTS NOT WELCOMED..

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