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Autor: KaM©

~ 16/06/16

KaM© designs for ENOCAN™fitness.

KaM© designs for ENOCAN™fitness.

KaM© 'All Over Manhattan' design.

KaM© ‘All Over Manhattan’ design.

It’s so nice to get a second opportunity to introduce yet another passion of mine ‘Fashion Sportswear’ for women; which is one of the fastest growing retail items I’ve ever seen!
Never since stretch paints in the 70’s and ‘Biker Shorts’ in the 1980’s have I seen such a beautiful display of leg wear worn by women of all shapes & sizes.
Even if they don’t actually workout in these garments they are a perfect compliment to any oversized tee shirt or a boyfriend’s dress shirt freshly pressed.

The designs are available through my Society6 web page [link located to the left of home page.] or you can contact me direct via email
to place an order personally.