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~ 13/08/17

“Serendipity (6)” series ©2017 Red Balloon Studio

Taking a direct page from Andrew Warhola and bringing back the famous ‘blotted line’ that made him famous on Madison Avenue in the mid nineteen fifties.
And to add to that it didn’t hurt to take a trip to Serendipity III this summer to experience what he probably did a hundred times.
I loved the place so much that it inspired me to create these paintings specifically for Mr. Stephen Bruce’s approval the next time I visit which will be around or close to my birthday this September.
I was playing around with the idea of Automatism and the proverbial “Happy accident” which touches on what the Dada movement was based upon originally until artists like Salvador Dali reinterpreted it for his own gain.
So the spray can of paint has to be near empty to achieve the effect I stumbled across while figuring these works of art out?

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~ 04/12/16

Dunny by KaM© "Life Is Something Special" album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Dunny by KaM© “Life Is Something Special” album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Almost perfect timing with the “World Aids Day” recognition December 1st. of every year.
I have had an interesting journey to get to where I sit and write today.
There are snippets of the story along with detailed accounts of everything thats missing in this fantastic article written by Susan Van Dongen who came by the studio last May for the Interview.

I must give her a lot of respect for allowing me to get it out there for the world to read.
Check it out!

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~ 29/03/15

220px-Andy_Warhol_by_Jack_Mitchell (more…)

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~ 28/01/14

(RED) Art for AIDS release. Kidrobot x Keith Haring.

Central Voice article featuring Haring mural & Karey Maurice.

Central Voice article featuring Haring mural & Karey Maurice.

I’m a couple of months behind in writing this article but; the theme of red is still very appropriate for the first month of the year. The color of red represents a lot of meanings all of which indicate a state of urgency either exhilarating,fearful or even meditative. I’ll start off by saying that in my case all the above descriptions apply so bare with me on this reporting of two events that have guided me in real time to a major change in my life experiences. The first thing was the release of a great article about me and my experience hanging around the late pop artist Keith Haring over twenty years ago now [Wow,where does the time go?] and, a new restoration project of one of his murals painted in Philadelphia during or around the same time I met him which is the irony of the whole thing because I never seen the mural until I looked it up in a retrospective catalog prior to seeing it in the Central Voice news article. At the same time Kidrobot™ x (PRODUCT) RED™ x Keith Haring foundation teamed up and create a limited edition designer toy mascot release to fight the global AIDS epidemic and I was invited to the release party @Kidrobot™ New York but was unable to attend because at the time I was in Philadelphia [more irony?] but I made sure I got my hands on two of the 7″inch figures before they sold out! Now,the flip side of it all is that I have been worried or (Seeing Red) about a situation that has been wearing me down slowly for quite some time and without sharing “TMI” (To much information.) I’ll just say that time will be the conduit in which I travel through a maze of O.P.S. (Other Peoples Shit.) and arrive at some place of peace and tranquility with all my special needs met. I remain optimistic as ever that everything will fall into place just like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

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~ 24/05/12

Last February I reported on the art exhibition “The Silver Show” comemmorating the death of the most under recognized but highly popularized artist of the twenty first century Andy Warhol.
For more on the celebration hosted by Da Vinci Art Alliance you can read my post titled “Fifteen minutes twenty five years later” after you view the Interview conducted by MINDtv featuring Dr. Debra Miller,David Foss and myself talking about not only Warhol but Da Vinci Art Alliance’s importance as being a non profit gallery that always has an educational element to it’s exhibition programing and how the members support each other by actually purchasing art.
The three of us were interviewed by MINDTv about the gallery and it’s connection to the contemporary master which was posted on YouTube and we have the link here MindTv’s Interview.

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~ 12/02/12

Dr. Debra Miller with James Warhola @ Fleischer Art Memorial Philadelphia,PA.

On February 4th 2012 Da Vinci Art Alliance celebrated the home coming of America’s most famous post modern artist; Andy Warhol who changed the way we look at the common objects around us with a more discerning eye. The photograph above shows Dr. Debra Miller and James Warhola (Andy’s nephew) participating in an symposium held at the Fleischer Art Memorial school which is across the street from where the exhibition “Warholized” The Silver Show @ Da vinci Art Alliance on 704 Catharine St. in Philadelphia, PA is on view until February 26th.

I was a guest speaker at this event which was a pleasant surprise to me and I was happy to explain my connection with Pop Art and the personal association I have with the family (Andy Warhol’s) which I have adopted as my artistic extension.

What became evident to me was the fact that I truly have arrived at some career junction that has materialize itself in a real concrete way and, I couldn’t be happier that I truly stuck to my guns, so that my natural instincts usually,more times than not, guided me to a rather unorthodox method of career building, but I’ve managed to overcome many obstacles that would have stopped the average person in their tracks it has been said to me on several occasions so this is not my own personal opinion;how would I know that theoretically?

In this exhibition I have two prints that were created by my new photographic technique and using the computer. Making my toy sculptures the subject of my artwork and placing them into real situations that I photograph at another time. The greatest thing about making art this way is that,”the final artwork doesn’t exist  until you pay for it in advance so you don’t have to worry about restocking your inventory It’s made to order like ordering a cheese burger from Burger King or Mc Donald’s it doesn’t get any better than that,people want instant gratification and gifts through the mail.”

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~ 18/02/11

“Every year for the past twenty one years, around this time I have two major reasons to reflect on the life I have been blessed to experience, and to now share with anyone who is interested in reading about it.
The first reason is that I was born an African American male which has its challenges but also a very deep connection to something that remains elusive to my comprehension due to the lack of information that;not even black history month can supply for me personally.
“My second reason is the fact that during my many adventures into New York City as a post teenager I had the pleasure to meet and become friends with the late Keith Haring who died this month on February 16,1990 of HIV/AIDS related illnesses.One of the last times I spent time with Keith was at an art exhibition at the Vrej Bagoohmian (a hush hush name in the art world) gallery where the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat was on display.
We greated each other and walked around the gallery together looking at the pieces and Keith asked me to tell him whether or not the paintings were original or prints, he had to touch them because his vision was failing him.His mood seemed encouraging but I knew underneath his exterior he was depressed because he knew he was going to die just like Jean-Michel (“but under different circumstances.) just two years prior and Andy Warhol only one year before that so he seemed a bit hurried and nervous, and I began to feel the same way;he said to me that Basquiat was the best as we continued to view the exhibition and then it was time for him to leave and we shook hands and said goodbye.
The very last time I saw Keith Haring was at his Pop Shop store while I was visiting New York doing my usual routeen of checking out the village and soho,I was surprised to see him and we shook hands and that was it.

I now have this reproduction of the original portrait I painted for him available on my Society6 online store.Just click on the link to the left to be directed to the sales page.

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~ 18/01/11

Image by Karey Maurice

Last year I wrote about how Andy Warhol made his contribution towards the civil rights movement by creating the “Race Riot” series of paintings. I commend his efforts because I know for a fact that he certainly wasn’t going to visit Selma,Alabama or join the march on Washington,DC for he was far too busy in New York trying to defend his own position on contemporary art.
This brings to mind just how much has changed but also, how much has remained the same in terms of how we view the state of race in this post civil rights era known as the twenty first century.
Although the country has elected an African American to represent their idelic mentality concerning a pseudo utopic society we still suffer from a condition of exclusion, and a, “not in my back yard” or ” not at my dinner table” position.
The country couldn’t be any more divided than it is now using the political titles “Republican” and “Democrate” as if it is a social code used for describing caucasian people and people of color.
As I do more research into the cultural world of fine art (1800-1900) I discover that it was never really considered that African Americans would ever produce modern art.This creates a situation that becomes problematic for most art historians because the basis of their research is grounded in european’s creating art even though they borrowed and manipulated images from around the globe from other cultures. As I stated before in a earlier post, there’s a conscious disconnect between the ancient Africans and the post slave African American in this country that does a disservice to the entire world.
My dream is to see the day when there are art exhibitions that showcase contemporary art that is produced by all nationalities exhibited together and is discussed in its proper context,time and influence.

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~ 29/08/10

Its true, African Americans have long admired Asian culture and its traditions along with its post war contemporary restructuring. The introduction of martial arts in the 1970’s to western society sparked the interest of African Americans across the nation and Karate was practiced (although secretly) in the basements of homes and public housing developments everywhere. This form of self-defense was felt needed due to the discrimination that African American males experienced while being outside at night and questioned by police at random.
The second influence came from television broadcasts of films such as “Godzilla vs King Kong” and with episodic television series portraying families that transformed into super robotic heroes like “Jonny Socko” and “Giant Robot” along with “Ultraman” and the Science Patrol exploration team ultimatly expressed transcendence and adventure.
The third influence was Saturday morning cartoons which had the most impact on the youth (myself being one of them) which used martial arts fighting in a lot of popular shows namely “Hong Kong Phooey” utilizing Scatman Crothers an African American actors voice as the main character.
These programs were all transformative and inspirational to the African American community in many ways and now Asian youth culture is finding relativity in the Hip Hop culture of African Americans because of similar experiences with living in a traditional oppressive society. I personally feel a deep spiritual connection with Asian culture because of its form of discipline it has and its respect of form and function in its traditional sense but that is rapidly transforming into a new hybrid of modern society expressed through music and the visual arts.

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~ 08/08/10

The program ends its first season on August 11th so if you have missed it, you still have a chance to see the winner be crowned and be awarded an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which opens on August 14th in the projects gallery on the fifth floor.
The show is hosted by Tina Chow and has an allstar cast of art world movers & shakers or, I should say ‘makers’ in this case namely gallerist Bill Powers art critic Jerry Saltz curator Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and art auctioneer Simon de Pury all of which are very good at judging the contestants work I think but the whole concept of the show is cheesy and belittles the struggle of an artist trying to make his mark in the established art world and have her or his work exhibited in a major museum.It seems as though its a kind of shortcut that any artist would be willing to undergo for fame and fortune and this platform reminds me of a book I just read titled “The End of Art” by art critic Donald Kuspit which explains that contemporary art has become entertainment.
These new artist or postartist as the book calls them are entertainers with some degree of talent but their work is created to capture an audience simular to the dadist but mimic the antics of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades with the superficiality of Andy Warhol where the creator becomes more important than the creation.
This is a disturbing set of circumstances for the serious artists who still believe in the magic of transendence and spirituality,and, at its simplist point,illusion, such as myself.I’m sure there are artist out there who feel that the gates of succes are only opened for a select group as it is but this show takes the cake in illustrating that its who you know and how much attention you can aquire in fifteen minutes and real passion isn’t required any longer.

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