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~ 08/10/17

The biggest Halloween extravaganza you ever want to attend in your life!
Never mind the thousands of comic book action adventure super hero & villian fans that you have to navigate your way through, this convention now extends itself way beyond the glass cube of the Jacob Javitz exposition center.

The protocol for obtaining an access pass is quite extensive for a good number of reasons and I have no problems with the rules! It’s well worth it.

Now the adventure began with locating where the vendors were located that I wanted to check out as to save some wear and tear on my body. This I thought would be easier than what really happened.

But I was pleasantly surprised while walking through to see the Chicago based artist Hebru Brantley towering over most of the crowd looking at some displays.

Then it was time to find a very important artist that I met during the old Pop Shop Days named Andre Charles who I haven’t seen since I bumped into him in New York some time in the early nineteenth nineties.

New York ComicCon 2017 Artists Hebru Brantley and Karey Maurice.l

New York Comic Con 2017 Artists A. Charles and Karey Maurice

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~ 28/06/17

DoOver Specialist Vikki Watt and artist Karey Maurice @ Opera Gallery NYC.

While strolling to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Breuer building location formerly known as the Whitney Museum on Madison Avenue several months ago. I walked passed an art gallery that was displaying an early Keith Haring painting that caught my attention.
I thought to myself maybe? Maybe I could walk in and talk to someone there about my personal connection with Keith and hope for the best?
Well three months later I got an invitation to a fantastic opening reception for the artist exhibition of Bernard Buffett paintings. So I call up my partner in crime Vikki Watt and we go to explore the amazing collection this gallery has to offer.
To my surprise they rotate there artists and mix the exhibitions by peppering in a few highlights. For example this Keith Haring painting behind us is a good example of the diverse collection Opera Gallery has in their inventory because we were actually there for a Botero and Sequi exhibition that was just breathtaking.
I wish I could have signed a purchase order the minute I saw a couple of pieces on display.

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~ 07/05/17

Just three days ago was the artist Keith Haring’s (59th) Birthday.
My blog post is to simply keep his memory fresh and alive! Many people have claimed to be influenced by him and many more have benefited from making such claims while they in broad daylight paint their version of ‘Street Art’ for the world to see.

That’s cool if you can get away with it and not get arrested.
Even Keith knew the job at hand was a risk so he made sure to have someone with him photographer Tseng Kwon Chi to document just about all of his activities and use the (one) arrest as a marketing tool to finally be Identified as the chalk using graffiti artist whose humanoid figures touched everyone who encountered them.

Keith Haring + KaM© customized Smurf character.

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~ 19/04/17

As the great Tupac Shakur once sang “I get around” even though it takes a great deal of effort. It just so happens that there was a break in the weather and it reached nearly 75 degrees on this day in early April.
I contacted my amazing personal stylist friend the “Do-Over Specialist” Victoria to accompany me to this somewhat controversial exhibition held on the 69th floor of one the World Trade Center buildings. The host of the evening was (WTG)World Trade Gallery est.1981 who curated the show selecting a grouping of artists who have an association with ‘Street Art’ which is no longer called ‘Graffiti’if you technically don’t use your tag in your paintings or reference Hanna Barbara characters.
Regardless of the reason the art was selected and the artists chosen I had a fantastic time just taking in the view from high above the city.
It was a night that only these photos do a small courtesy.

Artists KaM© And Do-Over Specialist Victoria Watznauer @4 World Trade Center New York.

‘Art Party’ on the 69th floor.
Photo: credit ©photoVW2017

Opening at 4 World Trade Center. Photo: photoVW©2017

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~ 30/10/16

Tip of the 'Highline' photo courtesy ©Jlnelson 2016

Tip of the ‘Highline’ photo courtesy ©Jlnelson 2016

Artist Karey Maurice @Gallery Allouche opening night of Ron English's show GUERNICA.

Artist Karey Maurice @Gallery Allouche opening night of Ron English’s show GUERNICA.

JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC artists and actress Karey Maurice & Drena DiNiro.

JoAnne Artman Gallery NYC artist and actress Karey Maurice & Drena DiNiro.

Needless to say I haven’t made a blog post in quite some time and that’s for two reasons. One you can’t live and write at the same time and second,I’ve accomplished so much over the summer that it’s hard to truncate everything into one amazing story!

In my last post I mentioned that I was taking it back to New York and I literally have done just that by spending as much time physically in the City as possible.
I traveled a lot of miles on foot just to meet some people I wanted to meet for the for last thirty years for the first time. And,I am proud to say that I have met almost all of them with only a few exceptions.
When it comes to locations that I wanted to visit I still have a long way to go but I’m in no rush and the places are not going anywhere any time soon. But I do find it funny that although I have found the Whitney Museum and have been all around it,all I have really done is use the bathroom in the restaurant several times.

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~ 28/11/14

Some might say ‘Huh?’ “What does terror hustle really mean?”
How I explain it is that;it is a person that is so terrified of being unsuccessful or have a fear of living a meaningless life expresses extreme motivation coupled with extreme anxiety!
Now that I have explained it I can move forward to telling a story about my adventure to New York City.
I always must maximize the time I spend there because of obvious reasons and so I must plan properly in order to enjoy myself plus, recognize opportunity when it presents itself; New York is like that,you gotta go with the flow.
For the first time in over a decade I rode the subway to Brooklyn to pick up a special item I pre-ordered at this years NYCC not realizing that the retailer was not in Manhattan. Then I made my way back home but first stopping at the Jonathan Le Vine gallery to support Dose Green and check out his new paintings.
On my way after getting lost in lower Manhattan for about a half hour I finally made it to the Chelsea section where the gallery is and I magically run into an artist I haven’t seen in over twenty years.
I recognized him right away and called out his name as he passed by me and, I was correct it was Sergio Klafke from Sao Paulo Brazil looking almost the same as he did when we last met.
Then the celebration began inside the gallery illustrated below when I ran into Wild Style film producer Charlie Ahearn and had a short respectful conversation with the man himself Dose Green who gave me thanks for the support.

Dose Green exhibition @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery artist Karey Maurice and film maker Charlie Ahearn.

Opening reception for Dose Green @ Jonathan LeVine gallery 557C west 23rd street NYC.

Artist Karey Maurice at Dose Green's opening reception @ JLV gallery NYC.

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~ 08/08/14

US1 cover of (artist sculptor) Seward Johnson

I just picked up a copy of the local “What’s Happening” news paper US1 that serves Mercer’s County with vital information about current businesses/ people profiles/social events/community networking opportunities but thats not all.

For years since the paper was introduced to the public it has been a vital source of information about people and what their passion is and how it relates to the rest of us in a tangible way.

“Something you can sink your teeth into if you know what I mean?” In other words the information can be useful and when it comes to covering the activities of local artists I can’t think of another person [I stand corrected: Ilene Dube & Janet Parcel] who has consistently reported on the State of The Arts more than Mr. Dan Aubrey who I have known since my brief college years at Mercer County Community College and my off and on relationship with TAWA (Trenton Artist Workshop) over the past three decades.

Dan has managed to be where the action is consistently in his writing about the local art scene which is very well known at this point thanks to his heads up reporting for example his latest article on Seward Johnson founder of Grounds for Sculpture and the man I like to call the Walt Disney of art for the common man.

Trenton in particular seriously needed someone passionate enough to capture what has been going on underneath the radar (now computer) screens of the world actually. I often though about doing the job myself going around to different events and giving my opinion about it but I didn’t think people would take me seriously because of a lack of academic credentials on my part. So I’m glad we have a person like Mr. Aubrey who has been around long enough to sift through the sh_t and only write about the Shine-Ola!! Great Job! Dan Aubrey I solute you….

My Seward Johnson story begins right when the family was going through all that Estate problems because it was highly publicized. I was working at the time ironically right down the street from where I currently live. The department store named Epstein’s is where she [The Mistress] would pull up in a limousine and buy her shoe(s) and; everybody always gossiped about the help (Maid) inheriting Jasna Polana the family Estate on route 206 that is now a world class golf course and country club for the elite. I also use to live walking distance from this unbelievable property and had the pleasure of attending a couple of events there. To describe how the Johnson’s lived in that particular location would be exploitive if I went into detail about the decor. Lets just say no expense was spared!

Shortly after those events and a few failed attempts to join the foundry as an apprentice sculptor I ended up working in 2001 at the restaurant RAT’s inside Grounds For Sculpture and I met Seward a few times while he was entertaining people in his private studio which has a door located in one of the dining rooms upstairs of the restaurant. His journey is unorthodox and I certainly can relate to that and truly believe in the karma that he spoke about in Mr. Aubrey’s article.

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~ 24/08/10

Attention artists! Just in case you didn’t know already you can become the latest sensation in the post modern art world by simply doing illegal acts and become the talk of the town and the public enemy of your local police department. But for all your troubles the payoff is a career in the post modern art & entertainment world exhibiting in the most highly publisized galleries and major museums around the world.
Forget spending years apon years locked away in a studio you barely can afford and stealing art supplies,eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner alone just to perfect your style or make a statement,or at least comment on our social short commings.
Those days appear to be long gone and a thing of the past in this nouveau chic street movement thats got all the elements of a cops & robber,bad guy gone good,westside story and boy gets girl hollywood blockbuster movie rolled up into a career as you can handle.
And the best part of it is that its our reality according to those art institutions who subscribe to creating talent insted of stumbling apon it in a eureeka moment or actually looking for it.

This all didn’t just happen over night of course, it took years to develope and you can’t just single out certain artists or people to blame. We must except the fact that we don’t have time for the deep shit anymore,we just want to be entertained and we are willing to except sub-standard talent and admire risk taking as an badge of honor with a dab of idol making.

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~ 27/01/07

I just read a recent article about female graffiti artists that are sharing the spotlight with the male’s who dominate the practice of graffiti writing.

This new era of graffiti painters are creating quite a name for themselves in cities all over the world.I pulled out this classic flyer which I think was created by the one and only Lady Pink for an all female graffiti extravaganza at the ROXY in 1984.

The list of artist included in this production may be lesser known to the new school of writer’s and I will list them as they appeared on the back of this invitation,artists like: Lady Heart,Abbey-Roc,2-Cute,Lizzie,Snow White,Tiny-One,Smad-Roc,Jigs-City,Lady-D,Stacy-D and Lady Pink of course.

Its nice to see that women artists of this kind [Old School graffiti/Street art] are being recognized for their contribution to the Hip Hop scene which is now a global form of expression that I’m proud to say I was there at the beginning of and, although I myself wasn’t a graffiti artist I certainly was a true B-Boy who loved all the B-Girls who were a part of the movement.
I think this flyer is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum I can’t remember which ones I donated now?-RedSaid

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~ 24/05/06

I can’t say that I hung out here a lot but “this isn’t about me now is it?”
I just want to fill every ones head with memories of the most important artistic movement of our times so far to date.
I just read “The DOWNTOWN BOOK The New York Art Scene 1974-1984” and it covered a lot of ground as far as the tempo of the New York Downtown area and I enjoyed reading about something that I myself was a part of and experienced.
That is why I am making this information available to the public after reading the book. If you were not lucky enough to catch it at the Grey Art Gallery at the Fales Library Collection on campus at NYU you will surely enjoy this blog page.

I think the book could have been much larger if it would have covered what was going on on the dance floor of these nightclubs.
The 2D artists fashion designers the commercial artists the musical artists performance artists and the conceptual artists gathered together at this time and experience a real metamorphosis very rapidly in a short period of time.
There was a certain division or protocol at each venue but,depending on the club you went to there was a certain kind of way that you danced and even that had its transitions.
Some places were looking for a special look or attitude that they wanted to maintain and I heard the “WORLD” was notorious for FACE. RedSaid
This photo was taken of Dj Jayne County at the opening of the exhibition the Downtown Book is all about.

Held at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh this spring,it is the second stop of the show before it moves on to another venue. I was fortunate enough to be in the house that night and hangout with my friends ‘the Warhola family’ and meet one of the icons from the era that this blog page is all about mainly. I realize after viewing the exhibition that I have more of a personal collection of 80’s ephemra than the Fales Library possibly or anyone for that matter.Stay Tuned