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~ 29/10/10

To Karey Maurice
There are more African American artists in today’s contemporary art scene than ever before. Now compare the list below to a list of Latin American artists, or Asian American artists, or Native American artists in the contemporary art market. You will find the other ethnic group’s artists list to be miniscule compared to the list below.
African American artists in today’s contemporary art market:
Michael Ray Charles
Chakaia Booker
Willie Cole
Robert Colescott
Roy DeCarava
Thornton Dial Sr.
Melvin Edwards
Ellen Gallagher
Sam Gilliam
David Hammons
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Glenn Ligon
Kerry James Marshall
Howardena Pindell
Adrian Piper
Martin Puryear
Faith Ringgold
Alison Saar
Betye Saar
Raymond Saunders
Lorna Simpson
Kara Walker
Carrie Mae Weems
Kahinde Wiley
Fred Wilson

“I did respond to this comment and published a reply, and the author has built quite a list for me to research.However it only supports my assumption that there is a noticeable lack of cultural balance when it comes to the visual arts in America.
More support of this fact comes from a comment on my last post suggesting I elaborate more on the subject,but, all I can do is set the trap for dialog and hope I get a bite which has proved to be effective judging by this post I nabbed from the Internet in responce to something I wrote about the Tv Show back in August that I was happy that Abdi won the grand prize,which was a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum.

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~ 08/08/10

The program ends its first season on August 11th so if you have missed it, you still have a chance to see the winner be crowned and be awarded an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which opens on August 14th in the projects gallery on the fifth floor.
The show is hosted by Tina Chow and has an allstar cast of art world movers & shakers or, I should say ‘makers’ in this case namely gallerist Bill Powers art critic Jerry Saltz curator Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and art auctioneer Simon de Pury all of which are very good at judging the contestants work I think but the whole concept of the show is cheesy and belittles the struggle of an artist trying to make his mark in the established art world and have her or his work exhibited in a major museum.It seems as though its a kind of shortcut that any artist would be willing to undergo for fame and fortune and this platform reminds me of a book I just read titled “The End of Art” by art critic Donald Kuspit which explains that contemporary art has become entertainment.
These new artist or postartist as the book calls them are entertainers with some degree of talent but their work is created to capture an audience simular to the dadist but mimic the antics of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades with the superficiality of Andy Warhol where the creator becomes more important than the creation.
This is a disturbing set of circumstances for the serious artists who still believe in the magic of transendence and spirituality,and, at its simplist point,illusion, such as myself.I’m sure there are artist out there who feel that the gates of succes are only opened for a select group as it is but this show takes the cake in illustrating that its who you know and how much attention you can aquire in fifteen minutes and real passion isn’t required any longer.