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~ 04/12/16

Dunny by KaM© "Life Is Something Special" album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Dunny by KaM© “Life Is Something Special” album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Almost perfect timing with the “World Aids Day” recognition December 1st. of every year.
I have had an interesting journey to get to where I sit and write today.
There are snippets of the story along with detailed accounts of everything thats missing in this fantastic article written by Susan Van Dongen who came by the studio last May for the Interview.

I must give her a lot of respect for allowing me to get it out there for the world to read.
Check it out!

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~ 23/04/06

How about this crazy photo of me wearing the Garage shirt?Huh
If you knew anything about going out to dance in New York City you had to know about the Paradise Garage located on King Street just off of Varick Street in the west village.
When I was in High School (1979-1981) I heard about this club and how you had to be a member to get in or, you had to be escorted by a member as a guest [The screening process was brutal for straight guys to pass the ASS test.] This was one of many gay clubs that had a straight night but it still wasn’t easy to get in because like I mentioned you had to go through this selection process that could be embarrassing at times.
I know some people who still carry their membership cards in their wallet as if the club will reopen one day and the dance floor would be bouncing again.
This was Keith Haring’s favorite place to hang out on a Saturday night and I remember him telling me about it one day in his studio but I already knew about it before I met him. I do think if I can remember correctly.On this day I got a chance to see the paintings of Keith with Larry Lavan and Juan Dubose all done by Andy Warhol. Now isn’t that a wonderful bit of history.RedSaid