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~ 08/10/17

The biggest Halloween extravaganza you ever want to attend in your life!
Never mind the thousands of comic book action adventure super hero & villian fans that you have to navigate your way through, this convention now extends itself way beyond the glass cube of the Jacob Javitz exposition center.

The protocol for obtaining an access pass is quite extensive for a good number of reasons and I have no problems with the rules! It’s well worth it.

Now the adventure began with locating where the vendors were located that I wanted to check out as to save some wear and tear on my body. This I thought would be easier than what really happened.

But I was pleasantly surprised while walking through to see the Chicago based artist Hebru Brantley towering over most of the crowd looking at some displays.

Then it was time to find a very important artist that I met during the old Pop Shop Days named Andre Charles who I haven’t seen since I bumped into him in New York some time in the early nineteenth nineties.

New York ComicCon 2017 Artists Hebru Brantley and Karey Maurice.l

New York Comic Con 2017 Artists A. Charles and Karey Maurice

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~ 04/12/10

REPLAY – Vinyl Sculpture and the DIY movement.

DIY- toy/sculptures

The question what is art is still on going in the postmodern contemporary world, first brought to our consciousness by Marcel Duchamp with his ready made objects and later expanded on by Andy Warhol who during the third faze his career created with the assistance from his nephew James Warhola, a series of paintings titled “Do it Yourself” that appeared to be large paint by number paintings found in local 5 & 10¢ stores complete with numbers to represent colors to be used in areas indicated by the numerals.

Using consumerism and popular culture as subject matter begs to ask the question, when is a work of art, not a work of art? And, in one of his (Warhol) final series of work before his untimely death in1987 the toy became of interest to him and, by using images of Howdy Doody, tin toy robots, rocket ships and model trains he turned the toy — as subject, into works of high art.

In the mid to late 1990’s in Japan the art form  Anime & Manga as well as designer custom made toys became a global underground movement that Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has utilized in his pop culture work to create large figurative sculpture and paintings with menacing characters instead of happy joyful ones that derive from western culture, the most obvious being Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse which we associate with fantasy and fun but in the United States artist were also responding to the dreamy innocent cartoon images produced by film studios and fusing it with hot rod culture(model car kits), comic books, pinup girls and tattoo body art known today as pop surrealism.

My works of art appear to be toy like in their presentation and technically can be enjoyed as such, but they are much more than that and express an acute awareness of our pleasure of object idolatry and our sense of worship or play but also, a nostalgia for innocence.
They are to be placed on shelves or pedestals where they are to be admired as sculptures subconsciously signaling a desire to be touched, and provoke interaction.

These sculptures continue the dialog about what art is but do not represent or symbolize a finite answer to the high art versus low art argument, instead they address the issue of what is valued in adulthood versus the pure imagination and values in the minds of children.
.What I hope to suggest buy these sculptures is that our desire to interact with objects weather they be made from gold, wood, canvas or vinyl stems from the same place in our subconscious mind that allows us to recognize an object of appreciation when we first encounter it.

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~ 24/08/09


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~ 10/02/08

Greetings,This post is to inform you of this spectacular exhibition focusing on the world of designer custom toys and the art that is produced on three dimentional figures that are sold in do it yourself kits(DIY) that retail at a store in Soho, NY among other retailers across the country.

It is a new medium for an artist like myself to be a part of and, I envite you to see this very promising exhibition that will include some 3D works but not limited to just that medium alone.

There may be a total of one hundred artist with very diverse backgrounds everything from graphic illustration to, graffitti to, fine art and sculpture and also, some strange model makers or toy designers is what I should say.For more information contact Focal Point Gallery director Ron Turner about the exhibition and mark your calendar for this ground breaking exhibition.

This movement of artist who create these works of art, and,who will be on display at this exhibition that I just recently got involved with reminds me of that ground breaking show “The Times Square Show” in 1980 that launched the careers of the most collectable artist of this century. I was a nap too late to be a part of that exhibition back then but when I found out about this exhibition, I knew couldn’t let this one go by without me putting some work in it.

I truly hope you can attend and see this great new scene that is sweeping the nation. These artist that are making this “Low Jack Pop” are creating positive things with the earths mortal enemy, “Plastic.
RedSaid a.k.a KaMo

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~ 27/01/08

How many of you are aware of the strange and exciting phenomena of designer toys that has swept the country and the world for that matter. I had heard about this custom toy thing some time ago but I didn’t realize until my trip to Kidrobot® Fantastic Toys for everyone. in Miami Beach, which I’ve mentioned in one or two of the last entries on this page.

‘On January 17 2008 I went to a toy release event at the location in New York City to purchase an Item called a “Dunny” for my new obsession of collecting and on occations, designing my own do it yourself creations that I hope become just as popular as the one created by one of the codesigners of the affomentioned form ‘the dunny’ by Tristan Eaton which is pictured at the instore signing and looking at an early design of his brought to him by a lucky customer.

I say lucky because I waited on line for two hours in the snow and rain just to see what the deal was and to get my hands on one of his limited edition toys and almost left there empty handed. I couldn’t believe the excitement created by these Items that are being created by almost anyone who has the desire to make something and to call it their own. I guess it makes plenty of sense because of this corporate take over of all our lives. I think at one point people still want something unique in there lives and don’t really want the cookiecutter image that is being pumped into our subconscience minds by the Status Quo Perfecto.

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~ 21/01/07

Artwork Keith Haring © 1986 Estate of Keith Haring
This entry is going to have little to do with the image you are looking at and more about how the person that made it has inspired me to continue my efforts at establishing myslf as another key figure in the contemporary art scene.I was told by the late Keith Haring to not depend on one thing and so I have done many things as an artist over the years to express my creativity and one of them is writing.
I will often revisit the subject of “Pop Art” because I have been associated with it ever since I can remember and I myself have expressed the subject in my own work and I can’t seem to escape its influence.
Next month one of my paintings will grace the cover of a magazine called “Out in Jersey”and inside there is an article about the day I met Keith Haring way back in 1987 at a photo session and this has been a story that I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time.So if your from Jersey in particular.please pick up a copy of the magazine and check it out,its free so the cost shouldn’t be a deterrent but, I must warn you that this publication is not for the closed minded.RedSaid

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~ 14/05/06

Keith Haring artwork ©Estate of Keith Haring / Bipo & Deana 1987

I use to have alot of fun chillin out with Bipo and anyone who we could get to pose for the camera.
When you look at this store with people in it you get the feeling of being in someones brain complete with all the thoughts imaginable about enjoying life to its maximum!
I remember hanging out and the phone would ring Bipo would stop charming the customers to answer. When it was Keith calling from the studio,he would ask who was there at the Pop Shop and Bipo would say”its just me and Karey” and;Keith would say”good send him over to the studio with this order for my guest.”
I use to get so excited because Bipo would tell me who the stuff was for before I headed out the door on my way to the studio.
Some of the studio guest that I remember dropping in on were:Pee Wee Herman,Jean Paul Gaultier,Erin Cosby and George Michael although I was not permitted to enter the studio on that day or when Paul Rubens was in the house.RedSaid

Bipo with unknown girl smoking indoors

Keith Haring artwork ©Estate of Keith Haring

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~ 17/04/06

I remember walking into this place for the first time it was if I was struck by lightning or something.I couldn’t believe how amazing it made me feel I was glad I had a camera to document the moment.This was one of the many places I visited while checking out the Soho fashion scene.I use to cut through the little alley street named Jersey St. and it was the smallest street I ever walked down right next to the Pop shop that ran between Lafayette St & Crosby St. on my way to Canal Jean Co. for more shopping.RedSaid

Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Karing

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This was how the original store looked like back in 1986 with its swinging curved door giving you a view of the stockroom.The photo also includes Bipo the original manager who was instrumental in me meeting Keith Haring & Tseng Kwon Chi and the rest of the crew dubbed “The Harrintons” by Chi Chi Valenti of those “Nation”days before Madonna made it popular with her Hit song titled: “Vouge”which was probably in rotation on the awesome little sound system hooked up in the place.
I would hang out there for hours until Bobby Bresleau (R.i.P) or David Spada would kick me out but Bipo would tell me to just leave and come back and that’s just what I did in those days before I accually met Keith Haring in April of 1987 at a photo shoot in front of the “Crack is Wack” mural on E.Houston Street.
For the real “Pop Art” fan, if you look carefully at the photo to the left you will notice the portrait of Keith done by Andy Warhol who was instrumental in encouraging Keith to open the shop had his own teeshirt and, y’all don’t see the Kenny Scharf tee up-n-there do you?All sold at this never to be forgotten New York institution and source of inspiration forever.
For the Capitan & Crew “The Best,RedSaid

Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring

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~ 17/01/06

What up peeps? I hope you all had a pleasant, long MLK Jr. weekend. Where were you during the 70s, 80s, and 90s??? I might have bumped into you on the dance floor or on the roof. Was anybody at Paradise Garage? Any Shelter fanatics out there?? Calling all House heads…come in… If not on the NYC scene then where? Tokyo, Rio, Paris, London, Saigon, where did you party til the break a dawn? In the next few weeks I’ll be posting some flyers from back in the day to maybe jog a few memories. Until then, commence to share your thoughts and flashbacks of the dance revolution that rocked the world when clubs were born.

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