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~ 07/05/17

Just three days ago was the artist Keith Haring’s (59th) Birthday.
My blog post is to simply keep his memory fresh and alive! Many people have claimed to be influenced by him and many more have benefited from making such claims while they in broad daylight paint their version of ‘Street Art’ for the world to see.

That’s cool if you can get away with it and not get arrested.
Even Keith knew the job at hand was a risk so he made sure to have someone with him photographer Tseng Kwon Chi to document just about all of his activities and use the (one) arrest as a marketing tool to finally be Identified as the chalk using graffiti artist whose humanoid figures touched everyone who encountered them.

Keith Haring + KaM© customized Smurf character.

Autor: KaM©

~ 13/11/11

Sunday access pass for NY ComicCon 2011.

Well this is an event that have wanted to attend for quite some time, ever since I discovered the world of custom designer toys and, how it relates to one of my long time secret passion of Japanese animation.
The journey to New York is always a challenge but I thought it would be worth the try to go in hope that at worst,being inspired! And at best be totally turned on buy the massive geek squad convention that is more like Halloween ramped up to epic proportions.
I decided to go on Sunday as the access pass indicates because of some previous affair in Philadelphia on Saturday evening which also had its share of performances that were almost just as entertaining as watching all the serious fans of ComicCon dressed up as their favorite character on television striking a pose with precision when asked to be photographed.

I found myself really biting off more that I could chew because I was doing something that my body really wasn’t prepared for by traveling from state to state and so as a result, I arrived the last hour of the last day of the conference with far too much to experience in just one hour.
I was so visually stimulated that I couldn’t even take any pictures myself because I couldn’t focus on one particular thing long enough to make a decision. Also my personal demons were beginning to appear so that compounded the situation and I became paranoid of the thought that somebody might just figure out what I was really thinking about all this eye candy before me.
All I could do was find the section called the “Cultyard” where there were people that I was familiar with, either through my visiting their store for purchases or, running into them at various openings and events. I brought a print from Lou Pimentel when I realized that he had signed one of the prints upside down and offered to resign it personally in watercolor for me. If anyone wants my real opinion about the conference, all I can say is make sure you plan on staying in New York for a day or two to take in all that the ComicCon has to offer because one day just isn’t enough time. And, forget about buying the new releases at the exhibition because they are practically sold out the day after preview on Wednesday or Thursday when the show officially opens.

Autor: KaM©

~ 24/05/11

Toy Street Fair April 22, 2011

I was so glad I got the opportunity to attend this years event which I hope will grow into a large custom toy/sculpture art fair like all the major ones like ArtExpo, Scope,Art Basel,Affordable Art Fair, etc.

The vibe was very welcoming and all the artist were happy to share their knowledge and techniques with me when I asked so that was very rewarding as a whole.

I met some guys that I had heard of before like Lou Pimentel (creator of Cranston Fellow Jr.) Steve Talkowski (creator of  Sketchbot) and the only other African American artist that I know of who does custom toys Lance Lamont aka Mr. Munk all of which were more than happy to pose for a picture with me.

I even gave one of my 4″ custom Munnys to Ron English’s kids as a token of my admiration for them being in their father’s paintings.It probably seemed weird to them that a total stranger would offer such a gift but I believe in putting things out into the universe to see what happens so over all it was a great experience and I can’t wait until next year.

Toy Street Fair 2011 NYC

Toy Street Fair 2011 NYC

Toy Street Fair 2011 NYC