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~ 17/06/17

Homage to Jean Michel BASQUIAT. By Karey Maurice aka KaM© 2017

I wanted to initially write an artsy article relating to this years Whitney Biennial and it’s controversial subject surrounding the ‘Black Lives Matter’ theme. But I allowed time to pass and see if there would be any action after outrage over the whole thing?

I basically choose to start creating something based on what I read because I knew I would not be able to see the exhibition in person. It was just a jump off point then the auction happened and I kept getting tagged on my #Facebook page about the record sale of my contemporary artist doppelgänger #JeanMichelBasquiat who he and my friend #KeithHaring continue to either inspire or haunt me at times because of the close relationships.I guess #BlackLivesMatter has been proven or at least the auction sale readdresses the question of representation and value?

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~ 07/05/17

Customized 8″ inch Kidrobot Dunnys by KaM© 2017

During the winter months I like to stay inside and work on projects that take some time to complete.

I move into a sculptor frame of mind and work on my favorite kind of 3D canvas called a Dunny platform designed by Tristan Eaton for the super hip designer toy company Kidrobot.

I use polymer clay and some modeling paste to create some of the personal characters that seem to create themselves because there is no preliminary skectches or drawing.

I leave them out for a while until an idea hits me then I begin to execute what it is I see in my minds eye.

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~ 28/11/14

Happy Birthday Keith and Thoughful Keith shown in photograph.

Kidrobot x PRODUCT(RED)® x Keith Haring x KaM©

"Keep Watch" Dunny Kidrobot x Mishka

Part of my healing process after my transformation has been collecting and customizing vinyl action figures. Some I reimagine and totally make an entire new creation others I leave alone, it depends.
I seem to fined great pleasure in just having these objects on display in my studio for inspiration and comfort.
The thrill of trying to purchase these small works of art due to their limited release is comparable to big game hunting in the bush.
Once you get your hands on them it is totally up to you weather you want to admire it as it is or, think of something to do with it?

The mascots created by Kidrobot in collaboration with PRODUCT (RED)® x Keith Haring Foundation to fight against AIDS in Africa are great figures to customize and add the face of the artist who’s characters are all over the figure.

The other fantastic looking figure the Dunny is another collaboration by Kidrobot x MISHKA that I mentioned in my last post I went to Brooklyn for to pick up. This one is so cool looking that I promised myself I will not touch it mainly because of the way I acquired it. (Lol)

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~ 03/12/13

Dunny (Evolved series) Opening SoHo NYC. Frank Kozik & Karey Maurice

I had the rare opportunity to hit the “City” for not just one event, but two in the same night and in the same neighborhood which I was very familiar with called (SoHo) and lately the event invitations keep pulling me not only to the same section of town but; ironically, the same street.
The first event was a fundraiser to gather money for the annual Halloween Parade which I thought like most people was funded by the Cultural Commission of New York or something and the money was always secured somehow? But the truth of the matter is that the parade is privately funded and is supported by only the people who seem to want to keep the tradition alive!
The event was held at a place called “The Fun House Gallery” which I had never heard of before but was curious to check it out because of the convenience of it’s location to the second event at Kidrobot just around the corner on Prince Street where I knew there was going to be a photo opportunity and a chance to meet some of my designer toy heroes like Huck Gee and Frank Kozik (seen in photo) who were doing a signing of a new Dunny release in conjunction with New York Comic Con this year. I got a chance to speak with Mr. Kozik outside the store and was able to grab a snapshot with him after having him sign one of my purchases that night.

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~ 18/10/12

Grand Master 'VooDude' 8" Dunny

New York Comic Con 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Princess & Mario at NYCC 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Last weekend the New York Comic Convention was in full effect and I think this event personally trumps halloween by 1000x if you could Imagine that;there were at least one million people who attended this costumed (though optional) extravaganza for the comic book geek,to the action hero worshiper and the designer toy collector. But if I stopped there at that description of the people who attend this annual fun fantasy festival I would be not doing very well in trying to give you a visual of the attendees.

I could write at least two blog pages about my experience but I will try to just give the highlights that I feel worth talking about. When me and my friend Joe Carol entered the Javitz Center we were overwhelmed by the crowd that seemed just to be wandering around without any particular direction they wanted to go in or know where what they were really there for was located,totally unprepared just like we were. I knew that I wanted to go to the section where the custom designer toys were and Joe wanted to see if he could get an exclusive on some comic books.

We came across the first vendors who were promoting new releases Tenacious Toys,Toy Tokyo,Kidrobot,Art Whino,MyPlasticHeart and one new comer a company called Dudebox that I was aware of but didn’t have them on my list to check out.

The Art Whino section of the Con was the most exciting because they came equipped with a Dj booth and a dancing Spider Man that got the crowd going every time a popular track was being played and although I didn’t witness it personally I saw a video of a line dance with your friendly neighborhood Spider Man leading the way.

Although I was not able to capture the custom toy that I wanted for my collection I made out even better because I now have a DIY that was given to me to customize by one of the companies that I mentioned earlier and I couldn’t be any happier to have this opportunity to work with one of these companies in the future.

To sum up the experience of the Con this year I would say it was overwhelming to me because of all the people that you have to navigate through but that is just par for the course when you want to go to one of these massive trade shows.All you can do is grin and bear it and have a specific exhibit of lecture you want to attend and work your way around those schedules to see the rest of the convention after your done with those special interest your into.

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~ 04/12/10

REPLAY – Vinyl Sculpture and the DIY movement.

DIY- toy/sculptures

The question what is art is still on going in the postmodern contemporary world, first brought to our consciousness by Marcel Duchamp with his ready made objects and later expanded on by Andy Warhol who during the third faze his career created with the assistance from his nephew James Warhola, a series of paintings titled “Do it Yourself” that appeared to be large paint by number paintings found in local 5 & 10¢ stores complete with numbers to represent colors to be used in areas indicated by the numerals.

Using consumerism and popular culture as subject matter begs to ask the question, when is a work of art, not a work of art? And, in one of his (Warhol) final series of work before his untimely death in1987 the toy became of interest to him and, by using images of Howdy Doody, tin toy robots, rocket ships and model trains he turned the toy — as subject, into works of high art.

In the mid to late 1990’s in Japan the art form  Anime & Manga as well as designer custom made toys became a global underground movement that Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has utilized in his pop culture work to create large figurative sculpture and paintings with menacing characters instead of happy joyful ones that derive from western culture, the most obvious being Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse which we associate with fantasy and fun but in the United States artist were also responding to the dreamy innocent cartoon images produced by film studios and fusing it with hot rod culture(model car kits), comic books, pinup girls and tattoo body art known today as pop surrealism.

My works of art appear to be toy like in their presentation and technically can be enjoyed as such, but they are much more than that and express an acute awareness of our pleasure of object idolatry and our sense of worship or play but also, a nostalgia for innocence.
They are to be placed on shelves or pedestals where they are to be admired as sculptures subconsciously signaling a desire to be touched, and provoke interaction.

These sculptures continue the dialog about what art is but do not represent or symbolize a finite answer to the high art versus low art argument, instead they address the issue of what is valued in adulthood versus the pure imagination and values in the minds of children.
.What I hope to suggest buy these sculptures is that our desire to interact with objects weather they be made from gold, wood, canvas or vinyl stems from the same place in our subconscious mind that allows us to recognize an object of appreciation when we first encounter it.

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~ 04/09/08

This is some of the fantastic creations on display at the exhibition that runs through September. If you are in New York this month you should make a trip out to City Island to see all of the works of art and possibly buy something because some of the proceeds go to a worhty cause and you will be supporting the whole ‘Do It Yourself’ movement.For more photos of the exhibition checkout the links PHOTOS PHOTO 2
This was one of the most exciting shows I have exhibited in this year and I plan on returning to the gallery before the show closes on the 29th.-RedSaid