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~ 08/04/17

Some people like to capitalize on the passing of an Iconic figure and have no problem collecting a check at the end of the day.
My intention of this post is only to shead some kind of light on a very unique situation I find myself in once again. Creating a work of art that nobody could ever do because of my intention in the beginning. And then the work of art becomes a sort of memorial to something or somebody?
I don’t know how this happens because I’m not thinking about anything finite about the subject?
I’m just as shocked as anybody who knew just how important Mr. O’Brian’s injection of Downtown Culture with Uptown panache was/is to New York City and beyond for those who read certain cultural magazines to find their own personal style within the pages.
I wish I were able to give you this painting the last time I saw you walking on Lafayette Street with a small boy in toe a few years back. (more…)

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~ 16/06/16

KaM© designs for ENOCAN™fitness.

KaM© designs for ENOCAN™fitness.

KaM© 'All Over Manhattan' design.

KaM© ‘All Over Manhattan’ design.

It’s so nice to get a second opportunity to introduce yet another passion of mine ‘Fashion Sportswear’ for women; which is one of the fastest growing retail items I’ve ever seen!
Never since stretch paints in the 70’s and ‘Biker Shorts’ in the 1980’s have I seen such a beautiful display of leg wear worn by women of all shapes & sizes.
Even if they don’t actually workout in these garments they are a perfect compliment to any oversized tee shirt or a boyfriend’s dress shirt freshly pressed.

The designs are available through my Society6 web page [link located to the left of home page.] or you can contact me direct via email
to place an order personally.

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~ 18/10/15

We have closed down our online store only to reinvent ourselves as a leader in wearable ‘art’ that is very sexy and eye catching. The rest is up to your imagination as to how your going to pair up my leggings with your favorite sweater or leather jacket to keep it retro 80’s if your craving for that sort of street smart swagger. All you have to do is visit my link [Society6] to the left of the front page and get yourself an exclusive product designed by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

U-Watch leggings by KaM©.

Autor: KaM©

~ 29/01/10

Problems big or small we got you covered.

On January 31st 2010 the Red Balloon Studio will celebrate is eight year of serving the artistic community  online.The store is  filled with unique designs for women children and guys that carry a positive message and eye popping graffics not sold in any retail outlet.

To celebrate this momentous occation we are offering a 20% discount on all hoodies for a limited time only.When ordering use promotional code:HOODS4U to receive your discount.
About Red Balloon Studio;

The Red Balloon Studio was founded by neo-pop artist Karey Maurice Counts in 2001. The name was inspired by the children’s book & film “The Red Balloon” written and directed by Albert Lamorisse. It is a film about a young boy in Paris who befriends a very large red balloon.

Online store or just simply click the link to the left.


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~ 24/08/09


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~ 25/06/06

“Afternoon delight is what I remember about this event. I remember checking the mail everyday for a couple of weeks for this invitation to arrive. At this particular time in my life I thought I was going to be a fashion designer and had created a few hand painted dresses tees and whatever (blanks = white garments) I could find at either Unique Boutique or Canal Jean Co. in New York City.I was really into clothes big time;not only wearing them but,I also had interest in making them.
I had subscriptions to Women’s Wear Daily & Gentelman  Quartly [GQ] magazine.That’s how I found out about the fashion show in the first place.I was so excited to be seated next to the runway and see Judith Jamison along with Maurice Hines do a dance number right in front of me.
This show also featured Dolph Lundgren making his modeling debut I think he was dating Grace Jones at the time although she was not there for me to introduce myself (Everybody loves Grace).
I remember coming home from New York that day very thrilled and when I got in the house my father told me he had seen me there at the fashion show on ABC 7 news that day.I thought I was famous already!!-RedSaid