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~ 07/05/17

Just three days ago was the artist Keith Haring’s (59th) Birthday.
My blog post is to simply keep his memory fresh and alive! Many people have claimed to be influenced by him and many more have benefited from making such claims while they in broad daylight paint their version of ‘Street Art’ for the world to see.

That’s cool if you can get away with it and not get arrested.
Even Keith knew the job at hand was a risk so he made sure to have someone with him photographer Tseng Kwon Chi to document just about all of his activities and use the (one) arrest as a marketing tool to finally be Identified as the chalk using graffiti artist whose humanoid figures touched everyone who encountered them.

Keith Haring + KaM© customized Smurf character.

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~ 25/02/17

Artist’s Phillip Pearlstein and painter Karey Maurice Counts.

Artist Karey Maurice with photographer Jon Naar.

When I started out dreaming about becoming an artist and being impressed upon by just about anything [successful] I thought was relative to the vision I had in mind.
There were a number things that influenced me outside the realm of painting and drawing but within it, I was drawn to the figure as form like most art students.

I had an Instructor whose paintings were a dead ringer for the school of Phillip Pearlstein (seated behind me.) which is a hyper realism rendered from photographs as I learned later in a gallery discussion last week from the man himself who is in his 90’s. The only difference between the two is this particular instructor worked from live models and a more reductive color palatte.

I would be a fool to ignore or not mention the influence of Hip Hop and Graffiti again with it’s focus on the body and identity but in a slightly different way.This urgent more impulsive art form is more physical in a real time sense. Not staged in a room or professional studio painted in sessions over a long period of time.

The man shown here in the second picture is Jon Naar also in his 90’s who happened to photograph these young artists in the mid to late 1970’s and give a face to the public art that was popping up everywhere on walls and also being done on subway trains in New York.

All three men have studied the human figure and what it is capable of under many different physical conditions capturing the moment just long enough to leave an impression on us.

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~ 06/05/12

Group exhibition curated by Leon Rainbow.

Next month I’m included in this urban art exhibition along with sixteen street & contemporary artists and two photographers that have documented the third coming of graffiti art and letter based abstraction along with stenciling, a spinoff genre to tagging.

The place, the Riverfront Renaissance Center is a very active place which provides not only artist exhibitions but educational programming for the local community to learn more about the benefits of all types of artistic practices.It’s a very large exhibition space with plenty of restaurants flanking either side of the building along it’s main street.
The last exhibition I was included in at this facility was also an urban art themed show in 2008 where I exhibited a couple of my designer custom toys/sculpture which received a bit of local press to my enjoyment.

This time I will also be exhibiting several of my new platform Qees,Frombie,Oshi the kid and the popular Dunny themed character with a few other surprises sure to spark the imagination of patrons young and old.

The opening reception will be held on June 15th from 6:00 until 9:00 pm and is free to the public. For more information visit the centers website at or phone 856-327-4500><

New video of the exhibition by LUV1 images by Andrew Wilkinson.

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~ 10/01/12

Artist Leon Rainbow working in Wynwood Arts District 2011.

Wynwood Walls @ Goldman properties Inc. 2011

Fashion & Art show under the tents in Wynwood Arts District 2011.

Part II of my floridian adventure should be called “The two Amigos” and as you read on, you’ll find out why. They’ll be photos in this report for frame of reference but not as much as I would like to display here.

In photo one you see artist Leon Rainbow at work on just one of many legal wall spaces that the proprietor grants to painters in the Wynwood Arts/industrial district to enhance the outside of the building and draw attention, where inside you could have anywhere from a small screen print operation going on all the way up to high end lighting galleries.
Trying to keep up with Leon and his extended Graff family proved to be far to much action than I could record so most days I chilled in the hotel until evening. But when I did go out we encountered some great art exhibitions and performances that were quite memorable, especially this little coffee shop that had rotating Djs rocking some heavy dance music that we kept visiting because of all the activity that swarmed around it day and night. The most exciting indirect thing that occurred was that; because of someone’s driving skills in a town that neither one of us was that familiar with we managed to see the whole neighborhood which I really felt like I could live there and be productive again as an artist.

Time will tell if I can make this dream come true and, if time doesn’t reveal what I had in mind, I’m sure something will pop up in the near future or I can just prepare myself for next year with more knowledge than I had before about a place that I have been exploring for several years now and it always seems to satisfy my sole the minute I arrive. Viva La WAD!

Shout out to 2ESAE for the warm vibe and introducing me to Jeff I will never forget it! Thanks

Flyer for "Breaking & Entering" exhibition.

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~ 06/09/11

Shepard Fairey in front of his now iconic Barack Obama poster.

Last month the Atlantic Wire reported that Shepard Fairey had been attacked in Denmark after the opening of  his exhibition there and the angry mob shouted “Obama illuninati” (whatever that means) as they clocked the graphic artist with right hooks.

When I first heard about the incident I almost jumped for joy for reasons associated with the white washing of real urban street culture  which Fairey along with a slew of other graphic artist have benefitted tremendously over the past two decades creating a subsidiary of the original graffiti genre that included “Hip Hop” music and circle break dancing, is now called “Street Art” where it is marketed exclusively in the media and supported by new contemporary art galleries around the world.

In an Interview I did together with photographer Jon Naar (Faith Of Graffiti) at this years Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam @ TerraCycle®  in Trenton,NJ last month he pointed out that the movement has lost its sense of messaging (the pretext to text messaging if you will) or communicating to other fellow artist or friends in other parts of the city via subway trains & stations. Now its just painting images and filling up wall space with almost pure graphic images with the occasional social political statement.To me that is no different than the large billboard advertisements you see all over the place selling you a bag of potato chips or a hooker wearing your favorite colors as she walks down the street.

What I don’t get about these people who place stickers & posters all over the place is the fact that they are not selling anything so it seems, and then their messages and images are wack and so personalized, or worse, borrowed; that its just once again,advertisement. The difference is that these images are now transformed into products instantly and marketed to people who don’t live on the very streets they deface making it more visually obvious that there is some neglect or disrespect for the area there’re putting their garbage up and its usually called the ghetto or hood by the masses and the whole issue of exploitation for profit comes to mind.

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~ 24/08/10

Attention artists! Just in case you didn’t know already you can become the latest sensation in the post modern art world by simply doing illegal acts and become the talk of the town and the public enemy of your local police department. But for all your troubles the payoff is a career in the post modern art & entertainment world exhibiting in the most highly publisized galleries and major museums around the world.
Forget spending years apon years locked away in a studio you barely can afford and stealing art supplies,eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner alone just to perfect your style or make a statement,or at least comment on our social short commings.
Those days appear to be long gone and a thing of the past in this nouveau chic street movement thats got all the elements of a cops & robber,bad guy gone good,westside story and boy gets girl hollywood blockbuster movie rolled up into a career as you can handle.
And the best part of it is that its our reality according to those art institutions who subscribe to creating talent insted of stumbling apon it in a eureeka moment or actually looking for it.

This all didn’t just happen over night of course, it took years to develope and you can’t just single out certain artists or people to blame. We must except the fact that we don’t have time for the deep shit anymore,we just want to be entertained and we are willing to except sub-standard talent and admire risk taking as an badge of honor with a dab of idol making.

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~ 23/02/10

In memoriam of a great friend 1958-1990.

I couldn’t resist publishing an article this month about someone who was and still is a great inspiration in my life.The late Keith Haring lost his battle with HIV related illnesses February 16, 1990 twenty years ago. Although Keith Haring was a caucasian male he was an avdocate for human rights which did include equal rights for gay & lesbian people as well as civil rights for African Americans. He painted many works that addressed these subjects and wasn’t affraid to tackle issues of police brutality on the streets of New York City, one incident in particular was the death of graffiti artist Micheal Steward (an African American) in 1984 a case in which Mr.Steward was caught by NYPD while painting and died mysteriously in police custody.I think all the graffiti artists working today legal or illegal should pay homage to Michael Steward not only this month, but,everytime they pick up a can of spray paint or stencil, they should remember that someone actually died for the love of the art form.

“The Universe of Keith Haring” the movie is a great opportunity to gain some deep insight into an artist who was on a mission from the time he arrived in New York in 1978 all the way up until his unfortunate submission to AIDS. He was a good friend to me and above all a great mentor that I will always remember year after year on this blog.

If you haven’t seen the film yet go out and rent it and while your out there, pick up the second edition of the book “Keith Haring Journals” with forword by Shepard Fairey and when you get to the entries April 1987 take note of the mention about painting a mural for Mr.Chow’s restaurant, I remember that day well because I was there riding a skateboard at the studio located at 676 Broadway watching him paint it.

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~ 16/12/08

This past November 14th I got invited to the 25th Anniversary party by Charlie Ahearn and I had a blast hanging out out with my boy graffiti artist Leon Rainbow. We didn’t stay long but while we were there we had the pleasure to see grand wizard Theodore do his thing on the ones and twos. If you haven’t seen this guy work you don’t know what your missing because he is the cut creator.-RedSaid

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~ 26/08/07

Hip-Hop Won’t Stop: The Beat, The Rhymes, The Life

A major initiative to gather a broad collection about hip-hop culture and develop a comprehensive exhibition is now underway at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

The museum’s multi-year project will trace hip-hop from its origins in the 1970s to its status today. By collecting from the hip-hop community, the museum will build an unprecedented permanent collection that will document the undeniable reach of hip-hop and commemorate it as one of the most influential cultural explosions in recent history.

Through “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop,” the museum will collect objects from all aspects of hip-hop arts and culture,music, technology, sports, graffiti, fashion, break dancing and language,including vinyl records, handwritten lyrics, boom boxes, clothing and costumes, videos and interviews, disc jockey equipment and microphones, personal and business correspondence, and posters and photos.

An advisory panel, made up of artists, producers, scholars and others will assist in defining and refining the project. The museum also will host a number of public programs and scholarly symposia to further explore the content.

The Museum is seeking financial support from individual donors, corporations and associations to fund the project and related activities.

In addition to the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, the long-range vision for “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop” includes a comprehensive exhibition open to millions of museum visitors on the National Mall, a companion traveling display, and a Web site geared towards a global audience.

For More Information:

telephone 202-633-3613
“Now I don’t have to tell you how excited I am about this new development in american society,Its only right to have a museum to document and record the most steady cultural movement in the history of urban life in most of the cities across the country. We all know that it started in the South Bronx but some would despute that, and say Queens Bridge is where it began as Mc Shan once told us on his hit record way back in the day.
If anyone has kept up with my ‘Where were You’ page then you know that I was there right at the very begining of this world wide call for cultural exchange in art as well as music,and, I mussen’t forget fashion which has the most visual impact on how people express what they identify with.
You would have to be blind not to notice the stlye that has manifested and influenced the whole casual clothing market.
If you go back in time on this blog page then you can see the memorabillia that I have save over the years along with some comments about how I acquired these special invitations and sometimes I go into a little detail about that particular evening or event.
I have often wondered what I would do with this ephemera after I have documented it and have created this blog in the name of it, and one day it became clear to me that this stuff should be available for everyone to see because it predated the founding of Def Jam Records.I will soon donate some of my collection to this worthy cause and hope that people who view it will enjoy it as much as I.
This ain’t no mystery, Its part of our History!! RedSaid

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~ 27/01/07

I just read a recent article about female graffiti artists that are sharing the spotlight with the male’s who dominate the practice of graffiti writing.

This new era of graffiti painters are creating quite a name for themselves in cities all over the world.I pulled out this classic flyer which I think was created by the one and only Lady Pink for an all female graffiti extravaganza at the ROXY in 1984.

The list of artist included in this production may be lesser known to the new school of writer’s and I will list them as they appeared on the back of this invitation,artists like: Lady Heart,Abbey-Roc,2-Cute,Lizzie,Snow White,Tiny-One,Smad-Roc,Jigs-City,Lady-D,Stacy-D and Lady Pink of course.

Its nice to see that women artists of this kind [Old School graffiti/Street art] are being recognized for their contribution to the Hip Hop scene which is now a global form of expression that I’m proud to say I was there at the beginning of and, although I myself wasn’t a graffiti artist I certainly was a true B-Boy who loved all the B-Girls who were a part of the movement.
I think this flyer is now in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum I can’t remember which ones I donated now?-RedSaid

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