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~ 08/04/17

Some people like to capitalize on the passing of an Iconic figure and have no problem collecting a check at the end of the day.
My intention of this post is only to shead some kind of light on a very unique situation I find myself in once again. Creating a work of art that nobody could ever do because of my intention in the beginning. And then the work of art becomes a sort of memorial to something or somebody?
I don’t know how this happens because I’m not thinking about anything finite about the subject?
I’m just as shocked as anybody who knew just how important Mr. O’Brian’s injection of Downtown Culture with Uptown panache was/is to New York City and beyond for those who read certain cultural magazines to find their own personal style within the pages.
I wish I were able to give you this painting the last time I saw you walking on Lafayette Street with a small boy in toe a few years back. (more…)

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~ 30/04/06

Keith Haring artwork © Estate of Keith Haring

“Almost everything I’ve collected has a story like most objects in our lives but, the key is to preserve the memories as best as you can and it will become valuable.” -RedSaid

I got this invitation through the grapevine of New York social society. A friend who worked at a fashion showroom [KIKIT] as an receptionist.
She gave it to me because she knew that I had known Keith Haring and that I was still upset about his death it all seemed like a bad dream to me at the time. I had just met his parents that spring or summer in Lambertville N.J. at an exhibition at Avante Gallery and his mother Joan came right up to me when she noticed I was wearing a Luna Luna tee shirt (still own) and said to me,”You knew my son.”

I said I did and then she called her husband Allen (Haringbone a nickname that was given to him when he served in the US Navy.) over to meet me and we had a very intimate talk about Keith.

I got to give props to Elissa Horan for giving me this invitation because the party was off the hook! Can you imagine models walking around in ABSOLUT clothes handing out Interview magazine?
At this time the Limelight was still goth sheik and Disco 2000 wasn’t happening yet so it had a massive mixed croud with music you could really dance to without help [drugs].

I have a great story about the image on the invitation painted by Keith Haring for Absolut vodka.

On the first day I met Keith at his studio this painting was one of the first things I saw when I entered the place.
After spending about an hour with Keith we talked about the painting and I said that it looked like a used condom! We laughed and he said he didn’t do it intensionally. Also, we discussed a trade between the two of us and I asked for this painting but Keith just laughed and said I couldn’t have it because it was a commission already paid for by Absolut.

“There was something else about that day that I will never forget and maybe it is the reason why I am creating this page for people to enjoy.”

While Keith and I were walking back from lunch at Acme grill on third St. just off Broadway he stopped walking and said to me “We met for a reason because I am rarely with one person especially in the studio.”
I thought it was a come on line at first but because of the level of trust and respect that developed instantly between the two of us that day I have no doubt that had he lived we would have done some work together just like he did with LAII and Jean & Andy’s colaborations.

“The last time I saw my friend he was darting into the the Pop Shop in a real hurry but he always came over to shake my hand when we ran into each other and I always made sure to squeeze tight. That was my way of saying stay strong!
But I also did it to accually check his strenght for myself because I didn’t want to except he was sick because I knew he was the only person in my life at the time who believed in me and he respected my painting and encouraged me. RedSaid