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~ 18/09/17

Kara Walker the fly on the wall. @ Sikkema Jenkins& Co. New York

I’m always curious about what drives artists and the galleries that represent their work?
This article published about Kara Walker’s latest exhibition now on view at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. emblazoned on the front cover of probably one of the last printed editions of the VILLAGE VOICE reminds me of another cover published in the mid 1980’s.
The cover illustration was a painting by the late Jean Michel Basquiat depicting a human skull,done in his signature oil stick & acrylic paint.
I don’t remember the complete essay written by Greg Tate but I sure remember the title: “The Flyboy in Buttermilk”
Which totally implied the fact that the art business had singled out a particular African American artist who like Kara Walker addresses the lack of inclusion and expresses an urgency to the racial injustice not only in politics but simple dollars & cents money making.

Because of a pre exhibition Press release statement published by Kara Walker which prepared the audience for an experience I had to follow suit and see this exhibition for myself.
My take on the whole show was that it was well planned out in terms of the feeling you got when you walked into the gallery space. I arrived during the last forty five minutes and it was mobbed with all kinds of people from all walks of ethnicity and economic backgrounds.
The heat you felt from the full capacity crowd in my opinion was not only from body heat but a strategic plan to turn the heat on and serve no refreshments so you felt the real South and oppressive conditions the artwork demanded. (It worked for me.)

U.S.A. Idioms ©2017 Kara Walker

I loved what I saw in terms of attendance which is really interesting if you consider what was being viewed and what would this show actually does to the consciousness of all the people who interact with the paintings.
My hope is that the success of the show will open doors for other artists and really bridge some gaps in the business of commodifying cultural expression from all walks of life.

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~ 17/06/17

Homage to Jean Michel BASQUIAT. By Karey Maurice aka KaM© 2017

I wanted to initially write an artsy article relating to this years Whitney Biennial and it’s controversial subject surrounding the ‘Black Lives Matter’ theme. But I allowed time to pass and see if there would be any action after outrage over the whole thing?

I basically choose to start creating something based on what I read because I knew I would not be able to see the exhibition in person. It was just a jump off point then the auction happened and I kept getting tagged on my #Facebook page about the record sale of my contemporary artist doppelgänger #JeanMichelBasquiat who he and my friend #KeithHaring continue to either inspire or haunt me at times because of the close relationships.I guess #BlackLivesMatter has been proven or at least the auction sale readdresses the question of representation and value?

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~ 04/12/16

Dunny by KaM© "Life Is Something Special" album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Dunny by KaM© “Life Is Something Special” album cover by ©1981 Estate of Keith Haring

Almost perfect timing with the “World Aids Day” recognition December 1st. of every year.
I have had an interesting journey to get to where I sit and write today.
There are snippets of the story along with detailed accounts of everything thats missing in this fantastic article written by Susan Van Dongen who came by the studio last May for the Interview.

I must give her a lot of respect for allowing me to get it out there for the world to read.
Check it out!

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~ 19/08/15

Two exhibitions that are on view right now locally have a significant point of reference which is the artwork produced by three artists.
The timing couldn’t be any better to see the artwork of an artist and where his or her influence comes from first hand all at once by visiting two local museums during the month of August.

To make a long story short and interesting I will start by saying “These two artist Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are really at the center when it comes to understanding my particular style of mixing Neo-expressionism Pop and social political issues all together.

I’ve also left clues to the past by using images from art history that I find relevant and to the point I’m trying to make. Most people have no idea that I am a part of that movement Howie Montaug coined “The New York Downtown 500” of which I was number 499 if anyone is counting.

On August 9th I gave a gallery talk at the museum and I simply instructed the audience to visit the Princeton Art Museum to look at the work of Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring then return to the Trenton City Museum and look once again at my two sculptures. Clearly you will see the heavy influence these two artists had on me and my continuation of the dialog that is still relevant to todays social and moral issues.

Of Color.... exhibition at Trenton City Museum on view until August 30th.

Of Color…. exhibition at Trenton City Museum on view until August 30th.

Artist Karey Maurice at Trenton City Museum. Of Color exhibition.

Artist Karey Maurice at Trenton City Museum. Of Color exhibition.

Artwork(s) by Jean Michel Basquiat Keith Haring on view at Princeton Art Museum.

Artwork(s) by Jean Michel Basquiat Keith Haring on view at Princeton Art Museum.

Artist Karey Maurice enjoying the Schorr Collection @Princeton Art Museum.

Artist Karey Maurice enjoying the Schorr Collection @Princeton Art Museum.

Collecting contemporary curated by Kelly Baum on view @Princeton Art Museum.

Collecting contemporary curated by Kelly Baum on view @Princeton Art Museum.

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~ 18/02/11

“Every year for the past twenty one years, around this time I have two major reasons to reflect on the life I have been blessed to experience, and to now share with anyone who is interested in reading about it.
The first reason is that I was born an African American male which has its challenges but also a very deep connection to something that remains elusive to my comprehension due to the lack of information that;not even black history month can supply for me personally.
“My second reason is the fact that during my many adventures into New York City as a post teenager I had the pleasure to meet and become friends with the late Keith Haring who died this month on February 16,1990 of HIV/AIDS related illnesses.One of the last times I spent time with Keith was at an art exhibition at the Vrej Bagoohmian (a hush hush name in the art world) gallery where the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat was on display.
We greated each other and walked around the gallery together looking at the pieces and Keith asked me to tell him whether or not the paintings were original or prints, he had to touch them because his vision was failing him.His mood seemed encouraging but I knew underneath his exterior he was depressed because he knew he was going to die just like Jean-Michel (“but under different circumstances.) just two years prior and Andy Warhol only one year before that so he seemed a bit hurried and nervous, and I began to feel the same way;he said to me that Basquiat was the best as we continued to view the exhibition and then it was time for him to leave and we shook hands and said goodbye.
The very last time I saw Keith Haring was at his Pop Shop store while I was visiting New York doing my usual routeen of checking out the village and soho,I was surprised to see him and we shook hands and that was it.

I now have this reproduction of the original portrait I painted for him available on my Society6 online store.Just click on the link to the left to be directed to the sales page.

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~ 26/02/10

This looks like an interesting new film but its a sad story that really shouldn’t be retold over and over again because it doesn’t inspire anyone,or I should say,any African Americans to become fine artists.
We are already conditioned to believe in rejection of our god given talents for more realistic goals taught to us by our parents which was taught to them by society at large.

Although Jean-Michel did enjoy some success it was brief and filled with self doubt throughout his entire career which was only seven years. I personally feel that if he had other contemporary artists that were African American around him and to support him he wouldn’t have been so lonely in an enviorment that usually consist of predominatly caucasian males who dominate the visual art world and
don’t have to worry about having people to relate to and share their feelings with.
This point is never examined when you try to figure out why he self medicated himself to a point of self-destruction and it is a shame that the impossibilities weigh so heavy on a person that they’ll try anything to fit into this American diaspora only to be exploited and then discarded like day old trash when no longer useful.
If the focus were on a collective group of artists then no one person would be at the center of attention and the pressure wouldn’t seem so great to be the leader of the pack,and,at best, it would develope a heathy competition amongst peers and one wouldn’t have to feel that they had to speak for an entire race of people.

How does one get past the artistic talent of Jean-Michel Basquiat and realize that there are a whole lot more artists out there who have just as much talent, if not more,with the same desire and passion to be a collective part of the visual arts world.I know they’re wondering when are the gates going to open up and give them a chance to express themselves.

“The feeling of loneliness and being unwanted is the most terrible of poverty.

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~ 22/04/07

Artwork Jean-Michel Basquiat ‘Red Warrior’ ©1988 the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
I seledcted this invitation from the year 1989 to illustrate my own history and relavance to the ArtStars of the past decade to talk about today.It really is weird to have lived in the shadows of some of the most talked about artist of the twentieth century and still have my own work unrecognized by the art world at large. It’s partly because I’m so busy making art that I find myself happy with my own accomplishments within my own parameters of experimentation in the studio,always challenging the theories I develope from previous creations. I find that I don’t have time to promote the work for some reason or other and I’m glad that I at least belong to a gallery.This way I can exhibit some things from time to time to illustrate what I am currently working on, or,show some work that hasn’t seen the light of day since I created it.
This invitation is relavent in the sense that it is one of the last times that I encountered Keith Haring in public.We walked around the show together and viewed the art.I remember two destinct things about this day that I will never forget and one of them was that out of all the people that were there,who I had seen around before at Vrej’s gallery at an Basquiat exhibition or, at Tony’s gallary for a Haring show, only a few of them acknowledged Keith’s presence for fear of contracting AIDs,because it was real obvious at this point that he was suffering.I thought that was really sad because justa few years before that people were jocking him everywhere he went.
The second thing I remember is that while we walked around the gallery looking at the paintings Keith kept repeating how great he thought Jean-Michel’s work was and he was asking me if some of the paintings were prints or originals because he couldn’t see very well due to his illness.I just told him that I wasn’t sure because I felt very honored to be hanging with him and I didn’t want to make him feel worse than I had imagined if I had the same problem as he did at the moment.
Another thing that is interesting about this time is that, in my relationship to Basquiat I noticed some parallels that someone might find interesting.The first thing is that there is only a three year difference between our ages,both of us born in the early sixties, and, I also share a scar down the center of my belly due to a childhood accident.I also was interested in meeting Andy Warhol for some career advice but Jean beat me to it.I have since made up ground by staying alive and, I am now aquainted with the Warhola’s through my art historian friend Dr. Debra Miller and the most strangest things would happen to me in New York during the late eighties because I too had dreadlocks and some people did mistake me for Jean-Michel just before his death.
I do feel proud at least, that I have survived those crazy daze and that I have the honor and responceability to carry on a legacy that didn’t start with me, and it certainly won’t end with me but, I will do my best to push the boundries that the artist who came just a few years before me have done. Redsaid

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~ 24/09/06

Artworks by Andy Warhol ©Estate of Andy Warhol,The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts(ars)
This entry will almost keep you up on my personal activities as far as Where Were You? is concerned.Well,I was in attendance for the opening of this super show and it couldn’t have been a more exciting night for me!I was invited by my friend Dr.Debra Miller she always seems to put me in the right places at the right time.
The museum is spectacular to visit if you ever get the chance and,if you get a chance to see this exhibit while its there you’ll be in for a visual treat to say the least.I had no Idea that Andy Warhol was friends with the Wyeths and that he shared some Ideas with James Wyeth and that Mr.Wyeth did some painting at the Factory on a regular basis.The story of Jean-Michel Basquiat is well documented in terms of the relationship with Warhol but this show had its treats all throughout the exhibition.What turned out to be a really great evening for me was that, I met the art historian Margaret R. Vendryes who wrote the essay on Basquiat and she gave me a signed copy of the catalog and, “I got an opportunity to meet James Wyeth that night.See photo.RedSaid
10/26/06 “As a follow up entry to this blog I have some awesome information regarding the catalog to this exhibition.I now have two signed copies of this exhibition catalog because I just received my second book from Mr. Jamie Wyeth himself personalized inside it’s cover.You see, I reached out to Mr. Wyeth to indicate to him that we may have some mutual friends since he actually knew Andy Warhol personally enough to have known his family and that’s where the link is because I know some of Mr.(AW)’s family as well, so it really shows that people from different backgrounds can still be connected to each other in some relative way.RedSaid

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~ 30/08/06

I decided to update the Where Were You?™ page to include some more up to date events as they happen in my life.
Since I have become more active in my own artistic expierences as of late,I decided to pepper the entries with new and current information just to keep it interesting.

Some of you might not have had the pleasure to be around during the 1980’s or the 1990’s for that matter so I’ll try to include something for “Generation X” to gravitate towards in the near future.
But I’m going to start with this historical event held last year at the Brooklyn Museum.

I got the opportunity to show some of my work at this event but not in the traditional way most artists exhibit their paintings. I was asked by my friend Dj Raven Fox [Mark Jenkowski] to help him pull off this party in the Grand Ballroom inside the Museum. When I say pull off I really mean it; if you knew him personally you would agree.
It turned out to be a hot party and while Raven was Djing in his “Cab Calloway” tuxedo/zoot suit I was projecting my scratch poetry and artwork right on his back. The unfortunate thing for me was that I was not even mentioned [in print] in any program or flyer to announce that I was showing visuals. It was all about assisting a friend to pull off probably one of the most memorable evenings at the Brooklyn Museum for it’s members and patrons.

We were in the center of the room so everyone could see us and my Idea to show the projections that way looked fantastic!

Anyone out there who attended that event and took pictures,please send me a copy I would like to post them or you can just add them to the comments. RedSaid

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~ 14/05/06

“I got this poster from the Pop Shop for a small price,I wonder how much its worth these days?
When I was hanging out back then I didn’t think collecting this type of stuff would mean anything but, as I look at it today,it means more and more each day.When people visit my studio they always comment on the collection of posters I have especially this one inparticular.
“I just gave a lecture last week about my career and wareabouts in New York during the 1980’s and I recalled being mistaken for Jean-Michel on many occasions.This one time I remember when a friend and I wanted to catch Madonna perform at the Peppermint Lounge on Fifth Avenue.It was 1981 and she was going to sing her new hit dance record “Everybody” which had just come out.
“We arrived at the club alittle late, and when I asked was Madonna here the doorman said to me that I had just missed her by five minutes but,”you can still come in if you want.So he let us in and we didn’t have to pay.I always wondered about that but, “I guess it was mistaken identity.RedSaid
Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork©Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat 1988

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